Home Ticks at it again?

I got a shiny little pamphlet in my mail yesterday afternoon, from the Citizens for a Better Orange County, informing me that the land transfer tax is "also commonly known as the home tax," and that it's a horrible, horrible thing and we should vote no on May 6.

There are a lot of small-government dog whistles in there, too.

Anybody know more about this group? Are they related to the realtors' associations in any way? They aren't showing up in my google.

Are there any good ways to counter this BS misinformation?


I got it too.

Will scan and dissect when I get a few minutes. They are, of course, the North Carolina Realtors Association.

Me too. When you scan it I plan on sending opposing info

to everyone on all my listservs.

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Good call.

I just checked mine, and it's got a presorted first class stamp on it, no postmarks.

No SBOE record.

As of this afternoon, there is no State Board of Elections entry for Citizens for a Better Orange County. Someone might check the Orange County Board of Elections records for a local filing.

If Realtor PAC has contributed to or spent money organizing an entity of that name, they didn't report it for the second half of 2007. (Or at least not in a way that can be easily read from the report.)

The financial transactions have probably taken place since the first of the year, making them less transparent to concerned citizens on a timely basis.


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If here is where I should be looking, I'm not sure I'm finding anything.

But I could be missing something completely obvious, too.

Orange Ticks

According to the Orange County Board of Elections it is a registered referendum committee in Orange County. There is no other registered referendum committee as of this afternoon. I'll be getting a copy of the filing tomorrow, unless someone closer to Hillsborough can pick it up and scan it before me. :)