The media is excluding candidates from the debates. AGAIN!

At first it seemed the debates and the so-called monitors focused only on the top three candidates in each party. There was no attempt to evenly distribute the time allowed. Then came the "loaded" questions and plants in the audience with "select" questions. The monitors as well as some of the candidates at Fox GOP debate showed just how juvenile they can be when Ron Paul tries to make a point and they laugh.
Lately it's been the media (IE..ABC/Disney, Fox & now NBC/GE) that want to exclude viable candidates. These media outlets and their pundits are trying to select your candidates and manipulate the public perception of exactly who is viable and electable with words and polls.

The people should be up in arms, out in the streets, making phone calls, sending emails and writing letters threatening to boycott the networks and their sponsors!

The MSM has barely covered this manipulation of OUR Democratic process.
However some of the internet media and some of the blogs have links to lists of contacts to complain and raise hell.
Here are some links..
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(3)Boycott Disney and GE

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At first what pissed me off was that Kucinich was being excluded (again) from Jan. 15 debate in Las Vegas but it should be a concern to everyone or your candidate could be next. We have already lost some good people like Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson and Joe Biden(not my candidate of choice but still ).

I don't even want the "business as usual" or the "go any way the wind blows" candidates to be selected by the feakin' media.
How about YOU?
Take action, please...


and now it's your guys turn

It was inevitable. Edwards was clearly next..
The "top three" was culled back to the "top two".
Not the best nor the brightest but definitely these guys had the most exposure.
The MSM has spoken and your next candiates have been selected for your convenience..
jim's op/ed

Well...we've all seen the power grab by the MSM

The comforting thought is that alternative media is getting more and more powerful (people power) as each day passes and if the next president screws up we can point the finger at the MSM.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I hope things change...

within the MSM but I don't see it coming.
It couldn't be any clearer when the moderator of a debate makes no effort to give each candidate equal time and the sponsor is "Clean Coal". How much more bs can the public swallow?
If it weren't for the "net", what would we do?

jim's op/ed

The media is turning into

talk show hosts with their own agenda.

I am tired of the media trying to tell me this person is already out. I was shocked that Edwards bowed out a week before super tuesday. He went this far, he should of at least gone through super tuesday.

Thanks to the media, and people blindly listening to them, Edwards is gone.

Would love to see which media outlets are tied to whom and then review how they are reporting without bias.

At least here, all know its an opinion. The media is suppose to be news.

If a person goes through the wickets and is a legitimate candidate for a particular party, they should have just as much time as any other candidate. When a news organization determines what the news is, they have stepped over their bounds of journalism. That news media outlet should lose their "freedom of the press" credentials. They are a tabloid.

The media needs to get back to reporting the news, not making the news.