Jim Black's Dealings to Be Exposed

The Democratic Speaker of the North Carolina House, Jim Black, is about to have his dirty laundry aired for all to see. For a while, BlueNC has been calling for Black to come clean on his many scandals and possibly resign. Tomorrow the Democrat controlled State Board of Elections will be holding public hearings to determine the existence or extent of possible corruption. There is a great article on the matter in the Greensboro News-Record. From the article:

For months, the details of alleged wrongdoing tied to House Speaker Jim Black have festered mostly in private.

Those once close to Black and accused of breaking state lobbying laws have mostly refused to speak in public. The federal grand jury that's requested thousands of pages of documents from Black's office is meeting in secret.

That all changes Wednesday, when the state Board of Elections begins up to three days of public hearings into allegations that donors allied with the powerful Democrat and other lawmakers violated campaign finance laws. Black, who is not personally accused of wrongdoing in any pending case, is one of more than 40 people to receive a subpoena from the board, although his attorney said the speaker doesn't have much to offer.

I hope that Black was not corrupted; however, if he were, I want to see him be taken down by Democrats the way that the Republicans never would (e.g. Tom Delay, Scooter Libby, Newt Gingrich, etc.).


Hear, hear.

The Democrats should be a party of aspiration. It will be an interesting week.


"interesting week" or
"interestingly weak"

Just let it end quickly.

Then let the Republican scandal drone on and on and on.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I wish Jim Black would resign.

If there was ever a time for grace under fire, this is it.

"I step down today as Speaker not because I am guilty of any crime, but because it is in the best interest of the people of North Carolina. We're working on some big opportunities here in the Old North State, and I don't want to see our momentum slow down because everyone's worrying about Jim Black. I'm going to step aside until I think it's time to come back . . . and then I'll put my hat in the ring just like anyone else."

No charge.

I say again.

Speaker Black? Are you listening? You know you're becoming an embarrassment to the good people you serve, and a liability to the party you represent.

Hello? Can you hear me now?