Sexy, sexy, sexy

I made a shocking discovery last night. If you use the word "sexy" during the course of an interview, TV editors are incapable of cutting the sentences in which the word is embedded. As you'll see in the video below, I kind of blew it by couching the word in the negative (as in "landfills are NOT sexy") but this tactic could be used to great effect during your own "earned media" opportunity. For maximum impact, say "sexy" at least three times, though you may have to work up to this advanced level.

For starters, here a a few ideas for talking points on topics of interest to some of you:

The OLF:

"Both birds and people agree that there's nothing sexier than pristine undisturbed quiet for mating."

Gun control:

"If you think guns are sexy, you're obviously compensating for something."

Sex education:

"Is abstinence sexy? I wouldn't know. But I'll tell you what isn't sexy: ignorance."

The Lottery:

"The education lottery is just another ill-advised get-sexy-quick scheme from our do-nothing legislature. What it's doing is taking sexiness from those with the least to spare."

Good luck!



Very great, BD. I think you're right.

Health care: Sexy enough to die for.

Or something like that.

Hey Frank, you're sexy.

I really liked the diagonal framing. Was that your touch?

Like Orson Welles in "The Third Man"? Nah...

At the most, the news guys intuited my slightly off-kilter approach.

(I haven't forgotten that I owe you pictures, Tara!)

It's a post about campaign financing, actually...

The stuff that got cut out of this news story involved a diatribe about how the noble goal of new media activism is to make it cheaper to run for office. I told the reporter (Who I think did a great job by the way) that a lot of us detest how expensive it is to run print, radio and ESPECIALLY TV spots, and that advertising budgets are therefor a big reason why good people don't go into public service in the first place.

So yeah, those of us who can are giving it away to people we believe in.

I'm upset that no one got the video of me at the JRE office.

It was on the Fox station the night of the Iowa Caucus. I was interviewed by all the local stations, but they were the only ones who showed the footage. What, none of you watch fox?
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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Remember your keywords, Robert.

I dare say you probably came off as "too intelligent". Don't let it happen again!

And Fox probably intercut your segment with B-roll from the Seattle riots. Media black-out on those guys!

Mover, Shaker, Whippersnapper

Very nicely done. I would say "bully for you," but it would sound bitter, and I'm trying to tamp down the bitterness lately.

But you know that none of us is going to read your name from here on out without the word "Sexy" appearing in a little cloud over our heads.

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You did the Besse ad?

That was a beautiful ad. One might even say kinda . . . sexy.

- - - - -
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That's beautiful

Um, I mean sexy. In that sexiness unquestionably springs from a commitment to progressive change and sexy organization of communities.

Justin Timberlake had it all wrong.

Thank you for truly bringing sexy back. In all reality, between this and your crazy kidnapping tales i learned in our huge "entirely-too-late/this-took-too-long" introductory post, you may be the most interesting BlueNC user I've come across. The photo and film production company I'm in the process of starting needs your talent. Bottled, preferably.

Awwww, ya'll make me feel good...

But here's my challenge:

Let's make our NC Progressive candidates look awesome. If you're already embedded with a campaign, make it a goal to recruit at least one creative professional for the cause and give her wide berth to create whatever she thinks your candidate needs to break out. Most working creatives are aching to take the reins on a project. Your underfunded Congressional campaign offers high visibility for a young graphic designer looking for an opportunity.

Local party people: we need to recruit and develop young message people too, not just fresh candidates and those vitally important precinct captains.

We can draw national attention for these state campaigns if we're smart about it. The record turnouts in IA and NH signify a return to the process for Americans and there's no reason to think that NC will be any different.

We can storm the Big Media castle with the right strategy. We've already got the right message, but it might just take a (sexy) Trojan Horse to deliver it.

There are guys like me in every community in this state. My advice is: find the ones who (like me) ain't got health insurance and sell them hard on the Progressive platform.

My non-health insurance havin' ass...

has been sold since day 1. This really is an important aspect of things, albeit visual. I still remember the first time I cringed upon visiting Larry Kissell's site, and sadly still do three years later. As much as I adore Larry, that site is ...dare I say... not sexy?

Visual is important

and I think the visual side of things is worth paying attention to as long as you keep in mind that at some point you drift into slick and self-conscious... no one in NC is in danger of heading too far in that direction by a long shot.

Well, maybe one guy...

Remember: slick surfaces are often impenetrable.

That's exactly the kind of thing

we need to be able to tell candidates and their teams without having them cringe or get ticked off. Larry's site is obviously from a fill in the blank template. Not a bad thing if you don't a professional to do upkeep, etc.

But as you both have pointed out - there are enough professionals - and actually, even enough templates - out there - to make a better looking site than that one.

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Great Ad

I'm really impressed with your ad for Dan Besse. It gives voters the facts and helps Dan look like a real human. Plus its fun. Good combo. Props on the TV publicity. You deserve it. I'm hoping to get more video of NC candidates soon. :)