You're invited!

This is an open invitation to regulars, readers and lurkers alike to come out to support my favorite candidate for the United States Senate, Jim Neal.

When: Sunday, December 9th, 2 - 4 pm

Where: 451 Lakeshore Lane, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514

Who: Jim Neal is a breath of fresh air. Anyone and everyone interested in honesty and leadership in the US Senate should come.

We have a great list of sponsors, including folks like Paul Hardin, Tim Toben, Pam Spaulding, Barry Katz and more. The suggested donation is $50, but this is my personal invitation for YOU to come whether you can contribute or not. I'm in the mood for a party, so I'll figure out how to make it work either way! We're happy for you to come early to help set up, too.

Things aren't quite so lush this time of the year, but it promises to be a beautiful day. Hope you can join us. Email me with questions: anglico at bluenc dot com


How wonderful!

I don't know if I'll be able to make the drive, but I'm going to run it by my dear husband....who is quickly going into a panic over how little holiday shopping we've done. Ish

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

looking forward to it!

My husband will be running a half-marathon in SC, and my car is in the shop, but I will drag my notorious 8 year old son along in a rental car. He wants to know if he can fish in your lake? We will try to behave, really, we will. I have to warn you that I haven't managed to impress my boy with those gentile Southern manners of my childhood. At least he doesn't take off his clothes and run around nakes as he did two years ago, in CHINA.(brought that loss of face thing to a new level of mortified mommy.)

I really am happy to have a good candidate stepping up to challenge Liddy, and think that the latest poll of how GWB is tanking in support of military families bodes very well indeed for the race here. Another term of Dole means a continuation of the policies that have hurt our military families in so many ways.

I'll be there

Will you have some BlueNC nametags? I'll put one on next to my Traction and OCDP nametags.

oh, one more thing

Can we bring you a loaf of banana bread as an anniversary gift? My son loves to bake!

I'll be there!

I'm looking forward to meeting Jim Neal, Anglico, and everyone else who shows up!

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke

Very great!

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I actually wish I could come too...

I am not one to hecle, etc.; I would have been interested in what he has to say. Unfortunately, this event is not the only thing planned on my calendar for this Sunday.

I probably would not have contributed the $50, though, but would have given enough to cover my cost.

Maybe next time.

If he cant win over

A reasoned conservative then he cant win the election. I am sure you would be welcome.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

You can expect to see me. :)

Frankly, a visit to James' house for something as painful as self-flagellation lessons or tedious as an alcoholic's intervention would still be enjoyable, but to also get to meet Jim Neal and countless other intelligent and interesting people? Well that's just gravy.

And James, I have no idea how

you can get any work done with that in your back yard. I'd be totally useless.

It's my birthday, so we'll have to see....

One of the pitfalls of childhood is that one doesn't have to understand something to feel it. - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Count me in

Looks like I'll be there. The girls are going to see Cinderella so I get to go to the ball.

I will see you there James.

Becky said I could go.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

I'll be there.

I'm looking forward to meeting Jim and all of you. My husband wants to come but he's working tonight. Not sure if he'll wake up in time.


Looking forward to seeing you!

I too have used my carbon credits

but will do as Frank is at 2. Have a great time!

Have you called to support H. Res 333 Impeach Cheney Today? call 202-224-3121 & ask for your Congress member by name


I was planning on attending, to meet Jim and see some of you wonderful people face to face. Unfortunately, a family issue has arisen and I need to stay close to home today. My ActBlueNC donation will wend its way to Jim Neal on payday. :)

Have a great time.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

what a delight

It was a delight to meet Anglico and numerous other of the BlueNC bloggers; it was a privilege to be in his home, meet his beautiful daughter, enjoy the lovely setting (and what a nice place you have there!), and it was a wonderful opportunity to meet Jim Neal and hear him speak.

He was quite impressive, especially for someone so new at this. I appreciated his comments, especially his stance on illegal immigration.

Again, many thank to James and his co-hosts for the invitation and the event.


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke


What a whirlwind day . . . very nice to meet you too.

I'm hoping to write something up about the day . . . but right now I need a cup of tea and a brain transplant!

An honor and a privilege.

I was able to speak to Jim a few times today, and I gotta tell you something folks—he's the real deal. I know that's a hackneyed phrase that's been used to describe some seriously unreal politicians from time to time, but on this occasion it fits.

I use that phrase in reference to the sometimes abused claim of having "Progressive Ideas" or values that we hear from some of our elected officials, while they turn around and feed our unitary Executive monster and his war and ignore the millions who are screaming for help.

How do I know he's for real and not just pandering? Let's just say I have "special powers" and leave it at that. I'm not supposed to reveal the true nature of these powers, because it could upset the cosmic balance...look, it's highly technical, involving matter and anti-matter (and possibly microwaves), but the thing is, it works. Alright, alright. I made that up. But I can tell if someone is lying. When Republicans lie, they must grasp something and squeeze it. Most often it's a podium, but sometimes it's a bible. When Democrats lie, they bounce from foot to foot, like they have to pee. They sometimes also look up, as if a bird just flew by. Write these things down.

On a serious note: Progressive ideas have been and are formed from humanistic principles, fighting their way up from under the morass of selfish tendencies and institutionalized racism, sexism and classism. Many of these ideas have been around for a long time, but they're finally beginning to coalesce into a "movement", if you will. This movement is adapting its own structure and guidelines, and the talking points that decribe it. Meaning, it's now much easier to "appear" progressive, simply by waving a flag or a word around.

When you listen to (and question) Jim Neal, you can tell he really believes in these things. One can easily imagine that, even in the absence of a Progressive movement to shape the discussion, Jim would already be going down that road on his own. That's the importance of a candidate like Jim Neal—he doesn't need to be guided or steered along the path to progress, he can find the way himself. And he can take us along with him.

had a great time!

I also enjoyed seeing familiar faces or names, and my son amazingly kept himself busy for the whole time. It helped that it was such a mild and sunny day!

As for Jim Neal - it can't be easy to step up to run against a well-funded incumbent, and the race will be won a vote at a time. I think all of us there who were impressed need to spread the word everywhere we go. I thought after of Paul Wellstone's first campaign - driving around on the cheap from town to town.

I must say, as a parent, that I am impressed that his son Winston is willing to go around as his driver. Trust me, I have a Republican, Texan brother with SIX sons, a very close family, but none of them would work like that for their dad. How great to have that support from family!

Best of luck to Jim Neal - someone who will snatch our Senate seat from the clutches of the Bad Samaritan Party(my new name for the GOP) and truly represent the people of North Carolina.

(Anglico, my son wants to know if you tried the banana bread?)

I did try the banana bread

And I LOVE it. Thank you both so much for the wonderful gift!

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