Holy Mother of Pearl, NC Gets Respect

It has finally happened! I've been complaining for a while that The Washington Post gives no respect to North Carolina races. This new-found respect comes from Chris Cillizza, who writes "The Fix" and lists the top House races in a piece called "The Friday Line."

I don't check every Friday, but with polls out for both Shuler and Kissell, I decided to give it a peek. Much to my surprise listed at number 17 is NC-11. It had no ranking before and Cillizza now has it in the top 20 races to watch in the country.

How 'bout them apples?

Here's what Chris had to say:

North Carolina's 11th District: We've been hesitant to include this western North Carolina district on the Line until we got a better sense of whether or not former NFL quarterback Heath Shuler (D) was a strong candidate or not. From everything we hear, Shuler is solid -- if not spectacular. His fundraising has been strong ($553,000 on hand as of April 12) while incumbent Charles H. Taylor's (R) has lagged ($99,500); Taylor has immense personal wealth, however, and is likely to spend as much as he needs to win reelection. Taylor has run increasingly less aggressive campaigns since suffering a stroke in 1997 and recently made a misstep when he was the lone House member to oppose the building of a memorial to United Flight 93's victims in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. (Previous ranking: N/A)


I am too!

It's just the money...a little more money and maybe another strong poll. The writeup on MyDD made blogometer for a reason and it wasn't my stellar writing. Someone at MyDD put my diary on the front page, probably just because they were concentrating on House races, Larry's on Young Turks and they mention seeing the poll mentioned on Kos, then blogometer. This is the buildup, but he has to take advantage of it. They'll drop him like a lead balloon if the numbers slip or the fundraising doesn't pick up.

I happen to think fundraising will pick up because of the latest poll numbers and that will give them what it takes to keep those poll numbers up there.

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More on CAFTA please

I know that Hayes voted for CAFTA after saying he wouldn't. Could someone please tell me this whole story: The promises, the backroom deal, the arm-twisting, the tortured explanations?

Folks want to know, and there's no bigger issue in this race than Hayes' choice to back exporting NC jobs.

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Screwy...it was simple

They didn't even go to a back room. He voted no. Then, right there on the floor of the House the arm twisting started. He changed his vote after Republican leadership left a 15 minute vote open for an extra 45 minutes. I've never checked to see if there is any tape of the vote...I'm sure there is. I'll have to check into that and maybe see if it can be purchased.

I have to get back to the attic, but there are some older articles from last year with a great rundown of what exactly happened. I've saved them to the other computer, so I'll post about them later.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.