Elizabeth Edwards on Labor, Unionization, Big Business and the future Edwards Administration

What i thought about in my own mind coming away from the interview was, "wow - that went well - she was nice...", but later, and especially now, I am dumbfounded by how strong
Ms. Edwards was. She was completely at ease with herself. I don't know how she does it, but she was completely focused.
I have relatives who are surviving cancer. My Aunt Barbara - for 18 years now - and she has a faith and a strength that is unmovable. With my worries about the loss of our basic rights under the Constitution, the dissolution of our country by a NAFTA superhighway, and the threat of Bush'sMartial law, it is comforting to know that someone with unmovable strength, who is unafraid of death - will be taking on Big business and the very powers that seek to dissolve our great country, as the wife and partner of our next president.

If you don't mind getting through my one minute introduction and rant against corporate media and Rupert Murdoch, there are some choice quotes from Ms. Edwards that follow.

Perhaps the best quotes IMHO,

The best anti poverty movement we have ever had is the unions.
The truth is that big business does not need an administration that is advocating for them, they've got a plenty of power, in this country - socially, economically - they can dictate the policies they want. We need an administration that is thinking about all the workers, the people who are the backbone of the country. That is who John (Edwards) is thinking about.

John has done an enormous amount both on the campaign and really importantly, I think, before the campaign. This is not something he adopted as a campaign issue. He has walked the picket lines, worked with organizing thousands of workers around the country. He has pressured emoployers who are not treating employees correctly, or are not cooperating with organizing activities


Well, Ms. Edwards, I think the unions have been appreciative of John Edward's work and will reward him for it. That is perhaps why SEIU's members overwhelmingly voted for Edwards in their straw poll.
On another note, people in the rural parts of Colorado, like Grand Junction, and other places I have visited have been very positive about supporting Edwards. One rural county chair told me that "Edwards has a great message for rural voters - he would really help our down ticket candidates."
Also, as I will be blogging in a few days, Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, D-South Dakota, was a guest speaker at our Jefferson county Eleanor Roosevelt dinner last week, and she endorsed Edwards during our interview. What was surprising was that she was not endorsing Edwards simply for his support for rural America, but for his vision for the environment, and how it will help rural farmers through programs focused on bio-diesel.

On a side note, Ms. Edwards and I discussed the effort to organize meatpackers in my hometown of Smithfield, NC and what John has been doing there, but I didn't know about this
this personal letter he wrote to the CEO of the company urging him to respect the law and let the workers join UFCW. There will be a follow up story on this as I will be visiting home for the baptism of my (first ever!) God-daughter, Lillian Wade (she is named after me - how cool)
And yes, I am a Broncos fan.
More to come soon.


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