Yet more dust ups on the Transfer Tax

Yet more dust ups out at Under the Dome on the Transfer Tax. A winger from afpnc (I think that's Americans for Prosperity, a right wing free-market fundamentalist church group) is over there slinging hooey ... one of the anti-TT guys actually used the term "force a vote" to refer to a referendum on a Transfer Tax.

What???!!! Is he kidding? Force a vote?

Letting the citizens decide is now "forcing a vote?" ... of all the cockamamey rightwing b.s. I've ever heard, that's gotta take the big-fat-hooey cake.

Anglico posted a few blurbs in favor of the TT, but he needs a hand if you get time today.

Remind the afpnc dude of the 10:1 poll PPP just did.

And please inform the obviously uninformed gentleman that Johnston County builds schools better, faster and cheaper than anybody in the state (Americans for Prosperity says so, anyway) and we still can't keep up. We appreciate that the afpnc man has an arrogance problem, but why does he insist on insisting that he knows more about our county than we do.

We don't have a spending problem, my friend. We have a revenue flow v. population increase problem. Y'all who's children will be in trailers this year and the folks who dealt with the pain of the FIRST (to my knowledge) forced school reassignment here in Johnston last year know that by experience.


Dallas Woodwhatever

Is a predictable Puppet in every sense of the word. Mostly I just ignore him, but every now and then he says something worth correcting. This "force a vote" business is a very good catch on your part.


In Moore County, they call them "learning cottages".

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if you live in Whispering Pines, you complain about a trailer park in a LTE and receive a flurry of letters criticizing you for being elitist and uncaring... one of the responses

Yup, I wrote that.

I was pissed. The original LTE was a whiny Whispering Pines resident complaining about a trailer park that's near Whispering Pines because it was/is an eyesore compared to the relatively nice homes in W.P. The woman complaining offered no solutions, and was only complaining because the US Women's Open was coming to Pinehurst, and visitors to the area would see the trailer homes.

I was my usual sarcastic bitchy self, but I was serious about the offer to help clean it up. No one responded (except for some of the other officers of the Democratic Party.)

Which has what, exactly, to do with the transfer tax?

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By the way, trailers are personal property as opposed to real property and would not be included in the transfer tax as proposed.

Stop the NC Association of Realtors
Polluting our State Legislature with money.


if a county were allowed to vote on it, and if it were approved, the only thing that the tax would apply to would be the land that the trailer sat on. If the owner of the trailer purchased the land, they would pay the tax on the land, but not the trailer.

Would this apply to double-wides as well?

Where does this change? When does a home become real property? When it can no longer be pulled down the highway? (I hope these questions don't sound facetious. I'm asking sincerely.)

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Double wide trailers or mobile homes

do fall under the transfer tax. I live in one, my seller paid $1100 transfer tax. Perquimans County. One of the lucky 6 counties with the transfer tax!

Cannot say about single wides.

From what I understand

(thanks for the email, greg) trailers are considered real property and are part of the transfer tax once they are made permanent and not mobile. So - if the wheels are gone, and a brick skirt is built around it, the transfer tax applies, if the county in question chooses to use the transfer tax.

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Which has what, exactly, to do with the transfer tax?

Let's see

Southern Pines (where the trailer park in question is) and Aberdeen have much higher percentages of economically disadvantaged students in their schools than the school attendance districts around them. There is a direct relationship between the percentage of ED students in a school and its performance on the state Report Cards. Many people moving to the area look only at these report cards on the Internet and don't dig any deeper. Therefore, they decide the "best" school is Sandhills Farm Life and choose to buy or build a house in Whispering Pines(98% white BTW).

Because of this superficial method of choosing a school district, Farm Life is now overcrowded. Phase I of the current Moore County Schools building plan calls for expansion of the school to the tune of $1.3+ million. Moore County is struggling to figure out how to pay for capital projects. Therefore, they asked the legislature to allow them to hold a referendum on a possible real estate transfer tax.

So, the same type of person from Whispering writing a LTE criticizing a trailer park is the same type of person scared to put their child in a school with poor people and minorities. These people are moving to Whispering Pines by the truckload and overcrowding the schools, causing the need for expansion and the need for alternative sources of revenue for the county.

Ah.....thanks for your explanation.

There sure are a lot of homes for sale in W.P. Some of them have been on the market for a long time. But that's just my anecdote - I drive through there every day, and see the same houses for sale for over a year.

By the way -

Did you know that Academy Heights Elementary School, located in Taylortown, one of the most economically depressed areas in Moore County, in a neighborhood that is almost entirely African American, last year had 7 African American students?


Because Academy Heights is a year-round school, and parents fought to get their children into that school.

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that is a most disturbing picture

Especially because one of the evil stepsisters reminds me of a friend of mine.

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