Operation First Casuality

Otherwise known as "the Truth."

I just happen to be at my Uncle's house. He is a WWII Marine combat vet. I am a Viet Nam Navy Corpsman who served in combat with the Marine Corps.

At the end of this video, through which we sat silently, we were both weeping.

Even though the uniforms and some of the actions are different, we both agreed that could have been his squad on Saipan, or mine in the Mekong Delta.

Every American should see this, preferably in real life. I hope these guys keep this up.



Was That DC?

yeah. i reckon it would be mighty like that.


No, Denver I think

I screwed up the rest of the post. Fixing that now. Sorry.

No Need to Be Sorry for the Truth

I see it was Denver. I wish all Veterans of this illegal occupation would unite and do the same thing nationwide.

I wish - I wish - ANY media outlet would dare to show this clip on the evening news. (dear God - send us another Walter Cronkite, won't you, please)

Ahem. Yes. This is the second vid going out to everyone in my address book. I hope you all


do the same. God forgive us what we have done.

This is a great video

Long, but worth every minute.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.