OLF back in the news

Why is it that Virginia has Senators who actually do something, while North Carolina has Senators who choose to treat we the people like mushrooms (i.e., keep us in the dark and feed us manure)? The same applies to North Carolina newspapers. I had to go all the way to Virginia to find this story:

Virginia officials will announce next week a list of sites they're recommending the Navy consider for a practice jet landing field. "We've tried to broadly identify tracts of land that are within the flight range that the Navy is looking for," Robert P. Crouch Jr., assistant to Gov. Timothy M. Kaine for commonwealth preparedness, said Friday. "It's painted with a very broad brush."

The outlying landing field would take pressure off Fentress Auxiliary Landing Field in Chesapeake, where Navy pilots practice "touch and go" maneuvers. Friday's announcement was the latest development in a long-delayed effort to reduce noise generated by jets at Oceana Naval Air Station while preserving the base's future.


The Navy maintains Washington County, N.C., is still its preferred site, but officials have been quietly meeting with politicians in North Carolina and Virginia to discuss alternatives.

"Quietly" is the operative word, which tees me off to no end. What's with our elected officials that they can't have open, transparent discussions about the government's plans?

Crouch said the state has done environmental and ecological checks of the sites to make sure that wildlife would not be affected . . . The search centered on sites of at least 3,000 acres belonging to a single owner and within 95 nautical miles of Oceana, he said. The Hampton Roads Planning District Commission developed maps depicting tracts of forest and farmland between Virginia Beach and Fort Pickett, Matthias said.

Fort Pickett, a National Guard post west of Petersburg, has been suggested as a site by U.S. Sen. John Warner, R-Va., if the Navy doesn't follow through in Washington County.

"Obviously, we're trying to find something east of I-95," Matthias said. "The Navy didn't want to go farther than Fort Pickett."


"This shows the Navy's commitment to open dialogue regarding the outlying landing field," Crosby said.

The fact is, the United States Navy has not yet made a compelling case that they need and OLF in the first place. But if they're going to try to have one, let them do it in Virginia.


PS Two people who have advised NC officials on this issue say Easley isn't buying the "No OLF is needed" position. Apparently, our state wants to keep the door open for good relations with the Navy by pretending like there's actually a site in our state that would work. Which raises the question: Why aren't NC officials having those discussions with We the People as well as with the Navy?



There is but One Answer Here:

The Navy maintains Washington County, N.C., is still its preferred site

And that answer is:

Tough Shit

You aren't building it there. The People have spoken.

Navy still has sites on NC for OLF

Make no mistake: The Navy is not going away when it comes to the OLF. With the complicity of NC politicians from Havelock, Craven County, all the way up to the governor, (not to mention DC), they have every intent of foisting VA noise issues onto rural NC.

Down in Beaufort, SC, during the week of June 26, 2007, Secretary of the Navy

Winter said the Navy is at the moment pushing for an outlying field at a controversial site in Washington County, N.C., to serve as a remote practice area for East Coast flight training

The people of VA and the Navy were well aware of the issues when they fought tooth and nail to get the Super Hornets based there. They knew that they were 3 times louder than the F14s just as they know that the future aircraft to replace the Hornets are many times louder again.

No Olf in NC Period!!!!

3’xs LOUDER!

Just for and experiment turn up something 3x’s louder and hear the difference.

I recently saw on the History Channel that the F/18 Super Hornet sucks down 2500 gallons of fuel per 1.25 hrs.

32,000 annual touch and go landings would be approximately 80,000,000 gallons of fuel. The people living around current OLF sites report a disgusting residue all over their vehicles and houses that is emitted from the jets. It was also stated at the Navy’s Hyde County hearings that every year over 300,000 gallons of runway residue is collected in troughs and pumped into the ocean. It is clearly evident why the people of Virginia Beach are also sucking the drinking water from North Carolina’s Lake Gaston.

Let’s hope the Governor will not cave into the desires of the shopkeepers, real estate developers and moneygrubbers that have no problem creating noise, sea and air pollution for the citizens of Craven/Carteret Counties.

It is a sorrowful shame that these cultivated, hurtful private negotiations between the state and military, aimed against North Carolinians, are ultimately to help promote war and killing. Could you imagine how much better our world would be if fifty percent of the energy, money etc. expended by our government to kill people went towards peaceful endeavors?

Susan -

Add an opening paragraph and send it to the N&O's editorial page.

Make a 2nd copy and send it to the Governor. (et.al)

Just my recommendation. FWIW.

Thanks Unique,

I appreciate the suggestion.

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excellent points by all

Wonder why our elected officials still wont bring us into all these deals they are making with our lives.

Governor Easley, Sen Dole and Burr, Rep Butterfield,

Before you go any further with volenteering any site in North Carolina for this want by the Navy, please answer:

Show the proof where the Navy needs this OLF in North Carolina in the first place.

Explain away the statements in the FEIS (pg 12-1) where it states that Oceana does not need a second OLF, but one in North Carolina would be investigated to reduce the noise for the residences of Virginia. Why are you people even discussing with the Navy any site in North Carolina?

Explain why Cherry Point would need an OLF to support its mission when the FEIS has stated that up to 3 squadrons could be homebased at Cherry Point and not impact any mission currently performed at Cherry Point. In other words, for the Alternative approved (Alternative 6) an OLF is not required to support the military mission at either site that will house these jets.

Show what new sites North Carolina is presenting to the Navy without first asking the local governments and people.

Answer who are you representing, Virginians or North Carolinians or your own agenda?

Explain why we the people are being left out of this critical discussion?

Another site about this

from a virginia news channel.

Myrea Orbendorf said it best, it makes financial since [ for virginia beach] to have a strong Oceana.....inotherwords, va bch wants the jets, but not the noise.

Apperently, Tuesday this will go public as to what the sites are, at least for VA. What are the sites for NC that are being proposed or offered up?

Big secret

The Gov must know . . . but I guess it's bad form to tell the people.

Virginia proposes 10 potential sites for Navy landing field

Virginia officials pitched 10 potential sites for a landing field to Navy brass on Capitol Hill today.

The northernmost site is in King and Queen County, three are in Surry County, and three are in Southampton County. Another straddles Sussex and Southampton counties, and the final two are in Sussex and Greensville counties.

Robert P. Crouch Jr., assistant to the governor for commonwealth preparedness, said after a closed-door, 90-minute briefing that the state has not ranked the sites.

"Unlike North Carolina, we have chosen to go ahead and put these into the public discussion in the hope this will help raise issues,' Crouch said.



Work on it Virginia. It's your problem, not ours.

"Unlike North Carolina, we have chosen to go ahead and put these into the public discussion in the hope this will help raise issues,' Crouch said.

Better not be any NC sites on their **** list either.

(Public discussion - asdf - as if!)

Public Discussion?

What are we? Chopped Liver?

If by "chopped liver"

you mean "represented by Liddy Dole and Dick Burr" . . . then yes, we are chopped liver.

Our politicians now need to say

Virginia, you created this problem, Virginia fix your problem. One of these 10 sites meets the Navy's want for an additional OLF. They meet the requirement for population density, distance etc.

If Virginia wishes to accept that Oceana needs two OLFs to support the military mission, go for it. Both the Navy and the people of NE NC know this second OLF is not required.

Now for our representitives to say the same thing.

We need to again ask our representitives to tell the Navy and our northern neighbor to fix their collective problem.

It will be sad if our politicians are so greedy that they see $31million (30 for the two squadrons and 1 for the OLF area) for our state at the expense of 33,000 acres of land and seriously harming a community is a good thing.

Also, if my understanding of this $30 million is correct, this includes money spent at the site that the community will not see regardless. This is for spare parts, training monies, etc. Money that will never be seen by the community.

From Virginia proposes 10 potential sites for Navy landing field

“What’s different is that we’re now doing it in conjunction with elected officials and environmental groups,” Rear Adm. David Anderson, vice commander of the Navy’s Norfolk-based Fleet Forces Command, said Tuesday. “We’re having a more robust dialogue than we have maybe had in the past, earlier on.”

Up until recently, this was not a consideration. The people of North Carolina where not worthy to be talked to. Now the Navy has figured out what communicating means. When are these people going to chat with the local governments of the effected counties?

An extremely scary statement:

The Navy initially hoped to have an outlying landing field operating by 2008. Oceana pilots now train for carrier deployments at Fentress Auxiliary Landing Field in Chesapeake. But suburban development around Fentress has been bad for pilots, who like to practice landings in almost total darkness, and residents, who like to sleep without noisy jets roaring overhead. Fentress would still be used, although not as much, when a landing field is chosen.

my blocking. I have been concerned about this since I realized what is going on. I knew this statement was the bottom line. The Navy intends to minimize the use of Fentress, which means the 60 dB DNL contour line is inaccurate and is to small. More lands are going to be effected by this when the Navy reduces the usage at Fentress to allow residents, who like to sleep without noisy jets roaring overhead.