Help- My local paper is lost

I opened my local paper "Robesonian" and turned to the opinion page.
The political cartoon was a jab a Nancy Pelosi. Ok, Next was an editorial by John Hood (President of John Locke Foundation. Next was editorial by Ann Coulter. Please Wachovia and Heartland balance your print. A local paper should spend more time on high schools sports than Ann Coulter and her outlandish attacks on John Edwards. Doonsbury was been moved from the comic page on many newspapers to the editorial page, how about moving these so call editorials to the comic page.


Lost is right

Sorry, man. This totally sucks.

One possible tactic: Target the advertisers by linking them to Ann the Man Coulter. Of course, it may well be the case that they approve of her particular brand of hate.


I have found it extremely effective to write letters to the editor of my local paper (The Pilot in Southern Pines) and recommend more balanced content such as Chris Fitzsimon's columns, etc. be printed so that at least a more balanced approach be taken.

I would also think that pointing out that Coulter is a national figure with no pertinence to NC might be effective. The Sanford Herald dropped her a long time ago for that very reason. To my knowledge the Pilot never published her poison.

Write to the editor, write to the advertisers. And get your friends to do the same. You'll be amazed at the results squeaky wheels get.

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I quit reading the Robesonian editorial page. It's the most rabidly right-wing paper I've ever run across. The Fayetteville Observer is another possibility as it's pretty moderate.

Read both

Wrote lte earlier. Donnie Douglas editor said he liked her picture so he will keep running the column. Can't argue with the braindead.

Tell Him to Find

a picture of her hands.

They aren't human. Really.

I have gotten to the point

where the paper is not an objective document but a political tool. I do not know of any paper that is not biased toward left or right that also meets my needs.

The Perquimans Weekly has a mild bias, but its not sicking. What is neat about this paper is it will send to every candidate a list of questions and will then print what ever the answers where provided by the candidate. If the candidate does not respond, they will publish that fact also. That I like in my paper. The Daily Advance (elizebeth City) is heavly biased. Same with the Virginia Pilot. the more subscribers, the more the opionion section is biased. Dont subscribe to either.

I wish for news that I can make my own opionion on. I am a smart individual and I truely do not want or need someone telling me what or how to think. That is why I ignore the opionion section of any paper I read.

When I do read em, I do so knowing I am only receiving half the story. If I am truely interested in the subject, then I go do some research then form an opionion, otherwise, its just fiction and good for the moment reading to pass the time.

But what a paper to run the column just for a picture? your right about arguing with braindead folks. Also kinda indicitive of what that paper's concerns are and its not towards news.

Parmea for Governor!

I like the way you're thinking lately. I only wish more folks down East would follow your lead and help us stir the pot.

Court descisions

I can hardly wait for the Robesonian's uptake on the latest decisions. what will this do to programs in Robeson County directed to help Native Americans. Indian Education funds, Indian Housing money etc. that a race based to help a particularly segment of society.


I bet them stupid nine never thought of that!

The wisdow of those fools continues to astonish me.

One of these days Im gonna really read up on the true power of that court. I do not see how they can do what they do with regard to "of the people, by the people for the people" when they are not elected by the people, and when our legislators pass a law and it is signed by the pres, the only thing they should be doing is evaluating does this new law fall within the parameters of the Constitution. If yes, then its a just law that the people asked for, if no, they deem it unconstitutional, strike it from the books, and anyone that was effected by that law be set free and or repaid.

Thats all I see those solomistic nine are suppose to do. But alas, cause I have not truely reviewed what powers they have, Ill have to say that is an uneducated and biased opionion of those nine. But today I hate those clowns! They have created more harm then good in a republic that is designed around the people.

I would be dead

at the hands of an assassins bullet within the year. That and I cannot spell thus making me highly ineffective or the butt of many many jokes!

But tis the way I normally think. I dont think how can it make me money, I think, how smart is this? Interesting concept?

OOO i would tick off so many people that tar and feathering would be brought back, just for me! Someone would find a loop-hole that would make that possible.

But thanky A!

Oh for heaven's sake parmea,

That and I cannot spell thus making me highly ineffective or the butt of many many jokes!

just use a smell checker!

If you cant

spell it, a dicktonary aint gonna help!

and alot of my spellins make spell checkers wimper in fear at the bottom of my computer screen. Dont know how they uninstall themselfs like that. Guess puters AI is truely getting smarter!

four year ago

I couldn't spell engineer now I is one.

Parmea for County Commissioner!

How's that?

"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum Then they charged the people a dollar 'n a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

There is a fair chance I will do that

come next year.

I should have for last election session. Will be fun.

I know the Navy will not be happy with me as a CC in one of the counties that has a proposed site in it. I will have fun with them over that!

I like to ask extremely simple questions just to get the conversation rolling. Ed-u-mication on subjects is extremely satisfying esp when the other side feels ur a nim-cow-poop. They usually tell you all you need to know to stop them in their tracks if you just listen to em.


No doubt you'd find a ready army of door knockers, phone callers and fund raisers here and among the No OLF crowd!!

"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum Then they charged the people a dollar 'n a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

dont think i would need all that much money

folks here are so disillusioned with our CC that anyone running for office has a good shot at it.

Figure I gots most if not all the votes north of US-17 (tis where the OLF is going) and that alone is enough to get me in. probably might go unopposed if the history of this county holds true. Noone really wants the job.

U watch thou.....8 people will run for it this time cause I might.

However, i will not tell anyone no thank you. Everyone helping is a good thing. and the more folks engaged in the process (voting etc) the better all are.