Ty wins 3 to one

76% to Mintzs 24%
WOOT, thanks to everyone for helping spread the word!!!!!



Onward to November

yes, onward to Nov. I would

yes, onward to Nov. I would like to now see if Mintz is an honest Dem and will rally behind TY. I want to see him encourage his supporters to now throw their weight behind the primary winner. If he wants our respect and help in future races he needs to show activists that he is a commited Dem and not a fair weather politician.

Looking at Mintzs recent quarterly report he spent an astounding $140 per vote ($69,000/493 votes) and most of that money went to buisnesses in South Carolina and non union printing shops.

I do wish him and his family good health and peace.


A bit harsh there. When I was at the poll in Brier Creek Country Club, one of Mintz's workers came by to check how many had voted there today. Sadly it was 61 at 3:30 p.m. I think they were banking on unaffiliateds voting on the Democratic ticket.

But now that this is over, let's give him the chance to show his true Democratic colors, if he has them.