Telecoms, Mergers and Taxes

I was read there is going to be a CTC Windstream merger.
My reason for concern boils down to the substandard technology used by CTC and if there is hope for a system that say might compare to that of Korea or Japan.
Bill Moyers reported a special "the Net at Risk". He reported that in Korea the internet speed is about 400 times faster than what we use. After viewing Moyers' report I tried to search for more information about local phone and cable companies that received tax breaks in the 1990s for the installation of fiber optic cable. The Moyers report indicated that most if not all the telecoms have defaulted on that agreement.
I wanted to know if this included CTC and Time Warner?
It's sad to think that the technology offered to the public in the U.S. is rated somewhere between 12th and 19th in the world.
Especially when companies are offered tax breaks for doing what they are supposed to do in first place to compete, grow and prosper. It appears to have stopped when they got to "prosper".

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I've heard this before

and I can't believe more people don't get upset about it. We also probably pay far more in fees for the slower speeds.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

business as usual, I quess...

In this case we don't seem to get what we "paid"(by giving tax breaks) for.
If CTC was so attractive because of low debt, then I would like to know if they received the tax breaks back in the '90s?
The people @CTC have always been nice but the dial-up and DSL both suck.