Weekend Wound Up: Open thread

Happy weekend, everyone. It's gonna be a hottie, filled with lots of good stuff on the political front.

The big event on my mind is the fundraiser for the next Congressman for North Carolina's 8th District, Mr. Larry Kissell. The event will be at my house, starting at 4:00 on Sunday. The requested donation is $25. Dress is very casual, and you're welcome to stick around later for swimming in the lake. I'm totally serious.

Larry will be here, of course, with several of his campaign staff in tow. You'll also be able to meet some other good Democrats, with a good chance that Congressman David Price will drop by early. So make sure you're here on time!

Where's "here"? 451 Lakeshore Lane, Chapel Hill. Email me if you have trouble finding us on the Googly.

And don't forget, there's a birthday party for John Edwards starting around 5:00. It'll take you less than 15 minutes to get to that party, so plan to come to town and rub elbows with two great Democrats all in one afternoon!


Completely unrelated

Fascinating article about which came first - the decline of religion or the decline of big families. This author seems to conclude that cultures with big families are more interested in religiosity and those with smaller families.

An interesting new chicken-and-the-egg problem . . . I love stuff like this.

Interesting Do'ins in the Ol' Inbox Today

New Affiliate Program

Webstat.com LLC has established a new Affiliate Program for its NextSTAT product line. This program has been engineered to bring cooperative vendors together to provide web site owners with a complete marketing solution. Dan Galbraith, President of Webstat.com LLC stated: We have become aware of the fact that Web Analytics by itself is only part of the solution. By developing strong business relationships with vendors that can provide interpretation of the data, paid listings management, SEO, prospect relationship management and other marketing tools we will be offering the best total web marketing solution in the industry.

But Wait! There's More!


If you want to have some fun, go to: www.smartusa.com. Here you will find a product that you can't buy until early next year. They will find out about your needs and wants and ask you for a deposit so that you can be certain to get one of the first Smart Cars in your neighborhood with out worrying about a long waiting list. I probably will honk the horn every time I inhale but they got my deposit! They also got a lot of information about me. They are learning how to market in the USA.

Company Information



761 West 1200 North
Suite 300
Springville UT, 84663

I don't advertise on my blog. (Advertise?! I can't even put in sidebars with links to my friends - Duh, me!)

Anyway........I thought it was curious and interesting and

I want one of those cars!!! LoL. Can they 'do' mountains?


I saw one last week in my neighborhood.

Can it do mountains?

Ask next time you see, please. My truck is getting too old for the mountains.


before you buy a smart....

..you might want to watch this:

I 'm a european immigrant and lived in the US since 2000. We've had smart cars there for at least 15 years. They're actually made by Daimler-Chrysler.
If you want a car with great mileage and a lot more room, not to mention much safer, do what I did. Buy a Prius.
Those Smarts are very expensive for the size they are.

Left on 49

Cabarrus Democrats

Ten Selma firefighters walk

Ten Selma firefighters walk off the job
06/08/2007 09:09 PM
By: Ann Forte

Selma, N.C. -- Ten of the Selma Fire Department's 25 firefighters turned in their gear to Selma's mayor earlier this week. The dispute is over the possibility of town leaders hiring a full-time fire chief at an annual salary of $55 thousand

Great Editorial

We havent talked a lot about the immigration deal, but read this from Greensboro editorial board.

Maybe Dole can carry this triumph into her 2008 campaign, but if blocking immigration reform is good for her politically, it's poor policy. She can decry the legalization of illegal aliens, but how does that change the status quo? Where's her plan to round up and deport the 12 million or more illegal aliens already here? Or even to identify them so that the government can actually tell who they are and where they live?

This bill was far from perfect, but it contained important and necessary improvements in immigration policy.

Draft Brad Miller-- NC Sen ActBlue

"Keep the Faith"

Far From Perfect is Not Enough

This bill was far from perfect

Too fast, too phony...too much baloney.

Do it right or don't do it.

You've got questions, We the People have answers.........

What's her plan?

Liddy hasn't had a plan for a long time.

A Cry for Help - a Real One

We had to admit her to
the hospital again on Wednesday. This is her third stay in the past month. The
doctors have informed us that she needs to be placed in a long term residential home for at least a year. However, finding somewhere has proved extremely difficult.

I spend everyday on the phone and Internet looking for answers and find nothing but people saying "I know it's difficult for you.... but we can't do anything because she's on meds... she's too suicidal... we're full..... etc". It's so discouragingand is really beginning to take a toll on the family. If you have any
suggestions of places for me to contact

Anyone? Bueller? Any place in NC that's not full?


If you mean -A- Party & -E- Party.

If you mean something else, non.


but it's still stunning, the degree.

My older son

told me about a Gallup poll he'd seen recently that showed over 70% of Americans believe the Earth is less than ten thousand years old. ;o


You crack me up, Thomas!

Great picture!

You all look wonderful to me.

Yup...great picture

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


I met some really great folks yesterday, and I want to thank A, Unique, and all the other BlueNC people for making me feel welcome. :)