Something in the Senate water?

I've been puzzled by the antics of Tony Rand lately, a once-decent progressive who seems to have drunk some dark-side kool-aid. And now there's Janet Cowell (whom I've supported in the past) going off the deep end.

According to the Dome blog she's in favor of cutting the taxes on rich North Carolinians - and also likes the $1.2 billion in Certificates of Participation funding pushed through the Senate to build more buildings in the UNC system. Maybe I'm losing it, but it's hard to understand where Cowell is coming from. Very hard.

From where I sit, the North Carolina Senate pretty much sucks.


I am leaving

the house in a few minutes to watch some of the proceedings. We will see what the house does.

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Ok, so what happened?

The GA website history for the budget bill provides this cryptic comment:

"Failed concur in S/Com Sub 2"

Does that mean that the house has failed to concur? And what does "S/Com Sub 2" mean?

Just looking for some guidance for those of us following along at home.

Yep. They failed to concur.

Now it goes to conference committee, where as near as I can tell, anything can happen.


edit- wrong bill. Anglico answered.

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In all fairness...

The Senate version also reduces the sales tax, which has a disproportionate impact on poor people.

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I've argued for keeping one, not the other

There's no reason these two taxes should be joined at the hip and evaluated as though they are "one" thing. They are two totally separate issues and they should be treated as such.

I would agree that sales taxes on food

should NEVER be instituted. People have to eat. Some people, if they had 6.5% more of their money to spend on food could purchase that extra loaf of bread to help them sustain their family for another week. This should be obvious to anyone.

Now the question becomes, how do we make up that revenue. You know what? I don't know. I only know that we need to remove taxes from food. 'Cause like I mentioned above, people need to eat.

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I stopped by today

Had a good talk with Grier Martin.

I talked to some other people I know, like Ray Warren and met Van Braxton. One thing the Senate budget did that has farmers really upset is taking some research labs from the Ag dept and give them to the UNC system. No one knows why.

Speaker Hackney impressed again. Republicans wanted a long discussion and they got the previous question called on them. Stam tried a trick and had it fail. Very amusing stuff. Now the question is who will be on the conference committee.

I sat in on the meeting for Same Day Registration. Its good to go to the Senate floor now. There were only a few speakers and a few questions, and they got answered. Only one or two voice votes against it. I will be very happy if Rep Ross is able to get this through.

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Thanks, Blue.

Maybe we can hire you as our paid lobbyist!

You'd have to work for peanuts.

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was introducing me to some people. He told Rep Underhill to read us, and made sure the Equality NC lobbyists who were waiting to talk to Rep Glazier knew about us. It was funny.

Draft Brad Miller-- NC Sen ActBlue

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Marc Basnight to be Absent??

The N&O is reporting that Marrc Basight sent a letter to colleagues Monday night outlining which Democrats will be in charge while he is "gone".

What's going on? Has Basnight been sick? Is this likely to help or hurt any of the bills we are following?

OH my! I hope she's OK

They've certainly been through a lot lately.

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