The '08 Election is Over in Nine Months

I received this email from a friend this morning. The 2008 Presidential Election will be over in nine months. Because of the urgent need to choose a leader who will respond to the climate crisis, I am sharing my response with BlueNC. First my friend's letter and then my response.

Letter from my friend:

Friends and family,

This is just me venting after seeing Charlie Rose’s interview with Al Gore:

How can a guy pose now as a wise veteran and critic of the system and call for reform and almost totally refuse to call individuals to account or call for the common sense, way-over-due policy changes that would advance the renewal of democratic engagement that he talks about? Does he advocate serious campaign finance reform? Not a word. How about breaking up media consolidation? Silence. He did say the internet needs to be kept free – duh… Was the Supreme Court decision right about the Florida vote count? He didn’t want to say. And he’s the guy calling for political courage.

Obama on Charlie Rose was also all vague value statements and no commitments to policy or position. Maybe they all took Lakoff much too seriously and figured that values and framing is all you have to do.

I really think that the political class has permanent grooves in its collective brain that make truth telling unthinkable. If they were reading it out loud, I don’t think their lips could move that way.

Edwards is at least taking strong, clear, and fairly progressive positions. But he keeps hitting my phony bone.

Kucinch somehow escaped the programming – but I do find too much ego in his recent speeches.

Bill Moyers and many other non-politicians show that truth can actually be spoken in enormously important and powerful ways. Are there ANY national politicians in Bill’s class. Hell, Al Gore can tell it like it is on climate change when he is not trying to talk about politics. His programming kicks in just
whenever the P word comes up. Is it just me? Tell the truth now. Am I being unfair or missing something?

And my response:

John Edwards is a friend of mine. What is common about my closest friends is that they are passionate about a cause -- their mission and their lives are indistinguishable. I am fortunate to count as friends Thomas Berry (the eco-theologian), Bill McDonough (the green architect), and you (though I know you less well). All of you share a deep passion for what you believe in. Your lives and missions inspire others.

I agree with you that John's positions are strong, clear and progressive. I must tell you that there is nothing phony about this man. At his core, John Edwards stands for the voiceless -- whether it's the woman floating her remaining possessions from a flooded home in the 9th Ward, or the uninsured three year old from Whiteville, or our young troops who are fighting a war
based on lies and deceit, or the non-human species and eco-systems upon which we all depend. John gives them voice.

John lost a child. He loved Wade dearly and losing his eldest son affected him deeply. Elizabeth is the love of his life. She lives with a terminal cancer diagnosis...and does so with heroic dignity. Imagine those realities in your own life...and imagine what it will be like to have a man, a couple, a family with
humility occupying the White House... What a change that would be...The only candidate I can think of during my lifetime that comes anywhere close to JE is Bobby Kennedy. I was only 10 when Bobby was shot, but I clearly remember the hope that he effervesced and the deep collective loss we felt when he died.

My own passion is to find ways for our species to co-exist with all others. Our current collision course with the natural world is suicidal and as a father of four, I can't live with that. John has articulated the most precise and progressive position on climate change and a new energy future of any candidate. This policy can work. It is the Solution that was missing when Gore laid out the Problem in "Inconvenient Truth." It will also
create "green collar" jobs, drastically reduce our dependence on Middle East Oil, and help restore our moral leadership in the world. Here is the framework: Or find your issue onJohn's website: They are comprehensive, bold, and progressive.

Don't be distracted by the media noise and soundbites that aim to bring down John Edwards. The GOP would love to see him vanish. They read the polls that show him as the ONLY candidate who can beat them. He and Elizabeth need our help. They can win and we can help shape the future that we all know is possible for this once great country. We need to go out to Iowa and help him or go down to South Carolina or send in $10 or $100 and ask our friends to do likewise. We better do it now. This will all be decided in NINE MONTHS. We must nominate a candidate that can win the general election. In the general election, we need to focus on and win NC.

Do that and you will elect a great Democrat to be our next president.

Front-paged by Anglico. I normally don't push presidential politics to the front page, but this exchange between two leading North Carolina voices seemed worth sharing broadly.


Great exchange.

I see you noticed this too, Tim:

Don't be distracted by the media noise and soundbites that aim to bring down John Edwards.

It's as if the media are acting in concert. It is a coordinated effort.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

No kidding.

Someone's giving them talking points, I think.

And I hear the same talking points vomited out of "regular" people's mouths. Can no one think for themselves any more?
The Den
It's your democracy; use it.

huh??? over in 9 months??

The 2008 Presidential Election will be over in nine months.

Did the Bush administration already cancel the general election? What happens February 25, 2008 to cause the 2008 election to be over then?

I think that

by that point something like 70%+ of the electoral votes will already be decided.

Draft Brad Miller-- NC Sen ActBlue

"Keep the Faith"

what happens?

What happens February 25, 2008 to cause the 2008 election to be over then?

My 48th birthday. :-D

How will 70% of the electoral votes be decided when the election won't have happened yet, Blue?

The Den
It's your democracy; use it.


by that date at least 70%, if not more, of the nominating electors for each party will have been chosen. So, barring a brokered convention situation, we will know who is facing who in the general. And, once we know that we will know which states are going to be competitive, which states are leaners and which states are safe.

For instance, you can give the Republicans Mississippi, Utah etc right now, and give us big chunks in the north east.

But, by Feb 25th, once we know who the nominees are, we will know the answers to questions like, "Are Virginia and North Carolina competitive or safe Republican?" "Is New York competitive or safe Democratic?"

Draft Brad Miller-- NC Sen ActBlue

"Keep the Faith"

I don't see it.

But I'm not one of those brainy poli sci guys. We'll certainly know who the nominees are by then - but we really won't know how the vote will go in November, will we?
The Den
It's your democracy; use it.

not entirely

but think about it, I can gurantee you right now that Elizabeth Dole will get 45% of the vote in November of 2008. But I cant predict if she will get more than that, and if so how much more, and therefore cant say if she will win. In terms of the general election it is the same way. In February I can say with certainty what states will be contested and which will have a 99% chance of going one way or another.

However, rethinking all of this, I think the original author was referring to the Democratic nomination, and not the election as a whole. I mean, if we know who the nominee is on Feb 25th, the outcome might be uncertain, but everyone here will know who they are voting for in the general, and in that sense the election will be over.

Draft Brad Miller-- NC Sen ActBlue

"Keep the Faith"

Does all that figurin'

take into account that Republicans will be bored to death by November and may just not bother to show up at the polls?


The GOP believe they can take the red states again in 2008 with either Hillary or Obama heading up our ticket. They're not so sure about that Southern Democrat Edwards. He's polling ahead of the top three GOP candidates in most polls -- 10 points ahead of McCain and six points ahead of Giuliani. That makes them nervous; hence you'll see many "swift boat"-like attacks against JE. We'll know our the nominee in late February and the GOP will either be sweating bullets or toasting to four more years...

I agree with your assessment, Tim

Ignore then attack.

Ignoring the disenfranchised voter will be the GOPs biggest mistake. There are many, many people who haven't voted at all in years but our current administration has pissed them off enough to go do something.

(haha - all those people you purged could have voted for you - but they won't/can't now)

Hearing things like this: "None of these people do it for me and I'm a republican." also encourage me.