Iraq War Funding Checklist

Hmmm.....let me know if I missed anything

Ignored the will of my constituents...........Check
Listened to the Beltway Pundits...............Check
Too much of a pussy to vote my conscience.....Check
Stolen copy of Republican talking points......Check
Vacation plans for Memorial Day (shit yeah!)..Check
Fake mustache and sunglasses..................Check
Extra "Support the Troops" ribbon magnets.....Check

Know the real meaning of Memorial Day.................................


Does Anyone Know?

How much of that funding goes to contractors and how much goes directly to the troops?

And I'm not talking about those food service contractors - I mean the ones carrying guns - you know, the ones with better weapons and body armor than our soldiers have ...

How much money did THEY get? Hmmm?

Interesting question

Sounds like a good one for a lurking investigator to investigate. It's got to be buried in a line-item budget somewhere.

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It's your democracy; use it.

Thanks for the Vote of Confidence

Legislative legalese is not my forte`.
(in fact, as a wordsmith, it drives me quite insane) ahem.

but I cobbed this:

(c) Limitations on Availability of Funds-

(1) LIMITATION- No funds appropriated or otherwise made available for the `Economic Support Fund' and available for Iraq may be obligated or expended unless and until the President of the United States certifies in the report outlined in subsection (b)(2)(A) and makes a further certification in the report outlined in subsection (b)(2)(D) that Iraq is making progress on each of the benchmarks set forth in subsection (b)(1)(A).

(2) WAIVER AUTHORITY- The President may waive the requirements of this section if he submits to Congress a written certification setting forth a detailed justification for the waiver, which shall include a detailed report describing the actions being taken by the United States to bring the Iraqi government into compliance with the benchmarks set forth in subsection (b)(1)(A). The certification shall be submitted in unclassified form, but may include a classified annex.

I suspect some of the details reside in the emphasized passages or in something similar. (per my recollection of yesterday's phone call)

Some day - I'll have to corner a legislator and see if I can get him/her to introduce a bill that requires this stuff to be written in normal human English. This isn't bad as far as legalese goes but some of it makes me want to BITE.

thats the crux

He could send them a letter that says:

Dear Congress
We have turned a corner, we are making progress. I am spending the money without benchmarks because that would be bad.

and they couldnt do shit about it.

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