Your Tax Dollars at work

I know we dont often write about national news, but I wanted to share this

Im sure people remember the stories from a few weeks ago talking about Karl Rove and the GSA using tax payer time and resources to discuss politics.

The charges were that government employees, while at work, were using government resources for political purposes. The charges were that clear violations of the Hatch Act had taken place.

The Hatch Act was written decades ago to put a final nail in the coffin for patronage, and the corruptive influence of using the government for political gain.

This story was added to later when it was found out 16 different agencies might get in trouble over this, including an effort by Brad Miller to investigate who in NASA was in on it.

Well, today's Washington Post brings us a new developement. The Special Counsel has issued their initial findings, and they are not good for the chief of the GSA.

"Her actions, to be certain, constitute an obvious misuse of her official authority and were made for the purpose of affecting the result of an election," investigators said in a copy of the 19-page report obtained by The Washington Post. "One can imagine no greater violation of the Hatch Act than to invoke the machinery of an agency, with all its contracts and buildings, in the service of a partisan campaign to retake Congress and the Governors' mansions."

Now, Doan has 14 days to refute the initial findings. After that a final report will be issued, complete with a recommendation for discipline to the President (im sure he will give it his full attention).

Doan of course claims that there are significant problems with the report. What might some of those problems be?

In testimony before Congress in March, and in a sworn statement to the special counsel's office, Doan said that she could not recall making any such statements. She also told the special counsel's office that she could not recall any details about the meeting because she spent most of the hour-long presentation reviewing e-mails on her BlackBerry.
In her sworn statement to investigators, Doan also said that GSA political appointees who gave testimony to investigators were biased, according to the report. "There is not a single one of those who did not have somewhere in between a poor to totally inferior performance," Doan said in her statement.

But wait for what the report itself says.

To verify her account, investigators obtained Doan's e-mail records. They said they were "unable to corroborate that Administrator Doan was utilizing her BlackBerry or other personal digital assistant during the January 26 meeting."
As a result of Doan's assertions, investigators examined the witnesses' recent performance reviews and found that her account was "unsupported and contradicted by the documentary evidence," the report said.

One employee singled out by Doan as "totally inferior" had recently received an evaluation that said the employee was "meeting expectations" and was called "an extremely proactive and valued member of the top management team," the report said.

The troubling part about all of this, post investigation, is that Bush has the only say on whether she stays or goes.

So there you have it. Your tax dollars being put to use to elect Republicans. Ill bet you thought you couldnt get any angrier after the Iraq funding stories and the committee vote on bigotry. Whats a little more fuel to the fire?




But if she lied

which she obviously did....can't she be charged with something? Even if she wasn't giving sworn testimony, I don't think you're supposed to lie to the congress/senate....right?

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.