Vernon Robinson's Ridiculous Radio Ad

Vernon Robinson, the self-proclaimed Black Jesse Helms, has launched his first insane radio ad against Brad Miller. Brad Miller provides the audio here.

It looks like Robinson is using lies about immigration and gay marriage to smear Brad Miller:

If Miller had his way, America would be one big fiesta for aliens and homosexuals

To stop these attacks, go to Brad and give him your support.


Fixed the "here" link.

Thanks for putting this up Targator. Vernon Robinson is a total embarrassment to any thinking person, which probably explains the out-of-state fundraising frenzy that's driving his campaign. Rightwing zealots and homophobes are always looking for people to take their money, and Vernon is like a magnet for all kinds of creepy stuff. But for people here in North Carolina with first-hand knowledge, Vernon Robinson is just another Republican joke.

Air Farce Academy

That's my favorite part of Vernon's commercial. He's bragging on being a graduate of the Air Force Academy. Those of us who went to a REAL military academy consider the Country Club at Colorado Springs just a notch above the Citadel or VMI. You only went there if you couldn't get into Annapolis and West Point.


There goes 1/1000th of the military vote.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


i ended up getting the image in my head of a roswell-style alien shaking his money maker with a bunch of men in assless leather pants while "you make me feel mighty real" is playing over the p.a. system...

so now every time i hear the name "vernon robinson", i'm going to think about a gay alien party.

his little tactic backfired!

Aliens and homosexuals

Did he mean homosexual aliens? Like Alf? Does Robinson think we're being invaded by space aliens?

Vernon, Vernon, Vernon... how can one man hate so many?

It would be fun to get a bunch of space alien masks and picket his office with signs like, "We want rights for gay aliens!" or "Vernon Robinson Phone Home!"

Scrutiny Hooligans -

This is definitely about money

Ads like this shameful piece of crap are purchased and run in the hopes that come November listeners will have absorbed their content without ever really thinking about it, and VR has an early start. So that when people hear the name "Brad Miller" they'll automatically think of gay Mexicans doing donuts in their front yard. (Sort of the way that when I hear "Emilie de Ravin" I automatically think "God, I hate that whiny Claire.") Vernon's not going to win this race on the issues, so he wants to win by raw media force. It works. Give a few bucks to Brad.

Ahhh...but you forget...racists don't vote for blacks

There was an article in the Washington Post recently that outlined how the white Republicans vote for Democrats over black Republicans. I meant to highlight it, but just haven't had time.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Vermin Robinson

Every now and then I go slummin' over to Free Republic and here's what I found today from a poster who seems to have some personal experience with the Vermin.

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! This is the funniest stuff I have read in a long, long time!!! You people who are saying you are supporting Vernon Robinson are either joking, or you know very little about the true Vernon. My oh my, where to begin. The things I know about Mr. Robinson. First off, I am a devoted Christian (although Vernon would call me an atheist simply because I disagree with him) and a life long conservative Republican (although Vernon would call me a liberal scumbag because I criticize him). In fact, my family and I have worked with Vernon on some of his earlier local campaigns, something I regret deeply now that I know the real Vernon. Vernon will tell you that he is a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ, but in reality he is a devoted disciple of Lee Atwater. Vernon will do anything to get his name in the paper (which he always calls liberal rags if they don't glorify him) or a blurb about himself on Fox News.

Vernon thinks that framing himself as a black conservative in the south allows him to exploit racial and religious tensions, willingly pitting whites against blacks and Christians against anybody who disagrees with him. Vernon openly claims this to be his campaign strategy. He says that he can say things about blacks that whites are too afraid to say and nobody can call him a racist because he's black. Vernon is implying that most conservative whites are racists and bigots, but they're just too afraid to act on it.

It is true that Vernon has spent a lot of his political career fighting against race based government programs (a lot of which are unfair and I do not support), but Vernon has taken on his conservative "crusades" more for his own political advancement and publicity rather than any deep belief in conservatism. I can make this claim because I know for a fact that Vernon Robinson is a liar and a hypocrite. I know this is true because Vernon's adopted child attends a local charter school at which I know many teachers and faculty members. According to very reliable witnesses at the school, before the current school year, Vernon and his wife aggressively lobbied the principle to place their child in the class of the only black male teacher on the entire staff. Now, this wouldn't be at all suspicious if that same teacher Vernon so desperately wanted to teach his child wasn't forced to resign before the beginning of the school year because of gross incompetence and an unacceptable lack of teaching ability. I saw this guy teach personally, and with absolute honesty, he was a terrible teacher. Given Vernon's political rhetoric, one would believe that he and his wife wouldn't care what race their child's teacher was, as long as they were the best qualified. But this isn't true at all. Vernon choose his child's teacher based solely on race, with a complete disregard for relevant qualifications. I would say this sounds a lot like Affirmative Action, but that would be unfair to Affirmative Action. Affirmative Action usually only favors qualified minority applicants. I don't disapprove of black families wishing their children to be taught by black teachers, but when a man like Vernon so aggressively criticizes the black community for behavior that he commits himself, you can't help but let the public know what a despicable hypocrite he is.

Believe me, I could write for hours and hours about the misdeeds and sleazy stunts Vernon has pulled for his own publicity, and I will try to when I can find the time because it us all quite fascinating, but his hypocrisy is especially disturbing. Take it from someone who had to learn the hard way, supporting Vernon Robinson will only leave you with feelings of regret, and an overwhelming urge to cleanse thyself.

That is hilarious!

I hope PJ and Brad have seen this.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I bookmarked the page

And I archived it on my hard drive. I just had a feeling that it would be something we'd enjoy going back to again and again before November.


I just got this note from a

I just got this note from a Sara Rasberry: What a good idea--

I just heard what has to be the most tasteless, hate-filled political ad in the history of American politics and I thought someone with your publication may be interested in spreading the word about it's sponsor, Vernon Robinson. The ad titled "Brad Miller's Mariachi Party", which 94.7 broadcast on air, can be found on this candidate's website:

Here is the email I've sent to just about everyone at the radio station I could get an address for:
I just heard an ad on your radio station for Vernon Robinson. It was one of the most hateful, prejudice pieces of trash I have ever heard in my life and I will no longer listen to your radio station or buy tickets for anything you sponsor. Obviously you have no idea how many loyal Hispanic, Black, Asian, Gay, and Gay-friendly listeners your need for paid advertisement just offended. I understand that this ad represents the views of the featured candidate, but in the future, you should monitor your advertisers' materials more closely if you wish to stay in business now that you have new competition. Example, I love country music; its my preferred listening choice, so that is why I am now a new subscriber to Sirius.

Also, just for your information, I am a 24 yr old WHITE female from an extremely conservative, republican family here in central North Carolina, now with a very loud mouth. YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE!!!

Thank you for your time,
Sara Rasberry

Ah yes.

Good for Sara! I wonder if she's really a conservative herself, or just from a conservative family. In any case, the battle is on: Conservative Ideology Vs. Radio Station Profit Risk. I wonder which will win out?

Seems like some letters to the editor might be in order to squash the Vermin.


Good to see you Bob.

Nice One, Sara!

And thanks, Bob, for passing it along.