Vote Robin Hudson. Here's why:

[Lance: I front-paged this because it raises questions that need answering—is Gore advertising deceptively? Or what? Max, can you chime in here?]

I just got this e-mail from an entity called "Rachel for Supreme Court Committee" But, guess what?

When I clicked on it these were the first words I read:"VOTE BILL GORE on MAY 2" So I looked up Bill Gore.

You can go here to read his answers to a questionnaire by the Family Policy Council. Go here to read how he compares to the Republicans he's running against.

If you don't wish to follow the links, let me tell you that the only way he differs from the two Republicans in the race is that his favorite Supreme Court Justice is Roberts instead of Scalia.

Bill Gore has no affection for Roe v. Wade, believes gays have no constitutional right to engage in sexual activities with unrelated consenting adults.

Here's Anglico's blog on the Indy's endorsements.

VOTE ROBIN HUDSON for NC Supreme Court.

And write:"Rachel for Supreme Court Committee", P.O Box 332 NW 1251 Maynard Road, Cary, NC 27513 to tell Bill Gore what you think of Bill Gore's campaign tactics.

(When I right clicked on "From" this was their e-mail


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Relax Drama Queen! hug and kisses from Max

Vote Robin Hudson. Here's why:
Drama Queen

The Madame Justice e-mail alert was simply a alert from
the Gore campaign to be forward on to all Democrats and
voters in the race. We did not endorse Judge Gore,
but let the voters check him out " That is why we put"
Another Look at Judge Gore" as the title. We would do the
Same thing if Robin or Jill ask us to put out a alert for
them in order to draw interest and information about the
candiates in the Race. This is called the big tent policy
if one can remember the republican tactic from the past.
Now if the Republican candiates ask us to do the same thing
we would ask them for up front money for the cost to
promote their beliefs and than we would rip them apart
about what phony Judical repubs they are.

Weird way not to endorse someone, anon.

Go here for more on Robin. Thanks, amdoyne.

And the thing is, nobody who is a legitimate candidate would want anyone to send a bait and switch "Vote for _______ _______" email like that.

You've got to admit,

This looks like an endorsement. DQ, was there anything in the email identifying as forwarded Gore campaign material or inviting other candidates to send their materials?

short answer: No.

There was a nice family photo up top and then this:

VOTE BILL GORE on MAY 2 !!!! EVERY registered voter in North Carolina can vote in the NONPARTISAN North Carolina judicial primary election on May 2. For NC Supreme Court, Judge Bill Gore is the clear choice - he has more trial judge experience than ALL the current Supreme Court. Judge Gore is a Christian family man with four children. He is endorsed by law enforcement, prosecutors and defense lawyers as being knowledgeable, fair, impartial and hardworking. North Carolina deserves at least one experienced trial judge on its highest court. North Carolina needs Judge Bill Gore. Visit for more information. Supreme Court decisions affect you and your family every day- YOU decide who sits on this important court- Exercise your constitutional right to choose a justice on May 2. Please consider forwarding this message to your friend and contacts. Paid for by the Judge Gore Supreme Court Committee McQueen Campbell, Treasurer PO Box 891, Whiteville NC 28472

After the text there was a box with this:

This message was sent from Rachel for Supreme Court Committee to It was sent from: Rachel for Supreme Court Committee, P.O Box 332 NW 1251 Maynard Road, Cary, NC 27513. You can modify/update your subscription via the link below.

And then a place to click to "Unsubscribe:

The subject said:" Another look at Judge Gore"

A few minutes later they sent another email with just the photo. I guess they thought they were being cute.

Oops: short answer YES

See at the bottom of the first blockquote:

Paid for by the Judge Gore Supreme Court Committee McQueen Campbell, Treasurer PO Box 891, Whiteville NC 28472

(Sorry I didn't get a chance earlier to answer you, Lance, but I'm really busy this week and I didn't see your question before now. And, I couldn't edit my wrong headline on the earlier reply because I'd already edited it once when I realized it was wrong! I certainly need multiple chances to edit things.)

So, that Rachel for Justice stuff is just a front. Or, Gore needs to do something quickly to disavow this e-mail.

Madame Justice

In case you didn't know, Rachel for Supreme Court is this looney lady running for the Martin seat (although the website says Chief Justice seat):

Browse around. Ponder why such people are running for elected office.

Pope Thug Mike! Sorry dude, you are not well informed as usual

Mike Pope rope a dope thug! Nice try dude, but your
typical anti-Madame Justice" attack does not fly once
more.... The Madame Justice" site is changing and you
and the other little smear Pope thugs know that..below
is a preview of the site and the new " Madame Justice"
TV commerial which will bite your Taliban republican
religious bigot butt off again....Why are you and your
hate Pope buddies so scare of " Madame Justice"?

Dear Madame Justice,

I have heard that you stalk blog posts about yourself, but I didn't know that you would reply within 12 hours. First, I hope that any judge, on a high court or a low court, would be able to type correctly. No, randomly placed quotation marks and ellipses are not correct typing techniques.

"Mike Pope rope a dope thug!"
Right, every person named Mike works for the Pope Foundation. Will you use this type of judgement if (big if) you're on the bench?

"you and the other little smear Pope thugs"
Yeah, only the Pope Foundation realizes that you're a bit out of touch, no one else. Everyone else praises you.

"bite your Taliban republican religious bigot butt off again"
Thanks for assuming again. Not that you care, since you have no respect for truth based on evidence, but I do not fall under any of those labels. Furthermore, I have never heard someone being called a Taliban member and a republican at the same time. Could you please explain how one person can be both? From what I understand, Taliban does not support a republican government. (I am not referring to the Republican Party. I am referring to a republican form of government--small "r", since you don't know how to capitalize. Anyways, I don't believe the Taliban supports either).

"buddies so scare"
I think you forgot a "d" on the end of "scare." See second sentence of the first paragraph.

I would like to see if you possess the ability to respond coherently and not with an off-subject rant. If you suddenly realize that ranting on blogs actually hurts your campaing by exposing your insanity, I will not be insulted by the lack of a response.

Let kick out weird Madame Justice Right now!

Just like the Pope puppets do when they want party loyalty.

" Madame Justice" is the most attack candiate in the history
of judical races in this state by the Republican leadership
control freak Pope party. Some switch and some bait!

Note the repub thugs blasting away at a real Progressive on this
site....Maybe you should go vote and support the Bush Republican Pope
candiate to solved this bait and switch issue? Some Democrat you are?


"" Madame Justice" is the most attack candiate in the history
of judical races in this state by the Republican leadership
control freak Pope party."

How did you graduate high school English, much less law school?

The unfortunate fact is that even though I am a progressive, if it was between you and Pope-backed candidate, I would probably vote for the Pope-backed candidate. Thankfully, I have better choices in this election.

I don't know why I even bother to respond. I think my IQ has dropped 10 points.

Keep it civil

Let us focus on the substance and keep the tone civil.

Confuse Lost Pope puppet Mike?

I don't know why I even bother to respond. I think my IQ has dropped 10 points.* Mike Confuse Pope puppet

Mike Dude! Did you really think that " Madame Justice"
has been writing my grammar nammy mispeeeling posts?

It appears that your IQ is much lower than you posted!
The Real Madame Justice just posted at this site! Now take it up with
inner self faults and stop blaming your core beliefs in fascism
and phony libertarism as your savior in politics.

Lance, Anglico, Southern Dem

Lance, Anglico, Southern Dem & All the Gang at Blue NC,

First of all, I am not endorsing anyone for the judgeship in the Wainwright seat. There are 5 people running, three of them Democrats. I certainly can't support the Republicans, so leave them
out of it. That leaves the three Democrats, Ms. Cheek, Judge Gore and Judge Hudson.

I don't know Ms. Cheek and never met Ms. Cheek. I cannot speak ill or good of her. At prior gatherings, Judge Hudson has attempted to avoid someone like me. However, she and I both attended the Democratic gathering at Fearrington Village last evening. I made the same offer to her been made to other Democrats. As the primary is fast approaching, I offered to let other Democratic candidates have use of my email list by sending out alerts on their behalf.

I met Judge Gore at the YDNC even last March. He requested any assistance that I could lend him and he volunteered to put me on his prayer list. He seems to be a decent Christian man and prayer certainly can't hurt.

This is what I said, in part, to Jerry Meek, when he asked about it:
"[T]the questionnaire was put out by a group that I have dubbed "The
Church Ladies" after Dana Carvey's famous Saturday Night Live Character.

I have no argument against people of faith, but I do take issue with people who are intolerant and who seek to impose their own religious views on others. I have been battling these people for over two years. I therefore do not agree with many of the questions or positions taken in the questionnaire.

[U]nderstand Judge Gore's position. He hails from eastern North
Carolina. The people from this area are predominantly Christian. I
have met many Democrats who have proven that you can be a Christian and a Democrat; they are not mutually irreconciliable positions. I myself believe in true Christian principles of loving one's neighbor, lending a hand to those in need etc.

Judge Gore appears to fall within the Christian-Democrat mold. He also does not like some of the things that I see happening at the national level. Such individuals are more "conservative" than others in more urbanized areas and he may have been playing to his base. While I am not anti-homosexual, for example, I do not doubt that many Christian Democrats in this state are not ready for gay marriage. It is nothing more than a recognition of reality, not a position."

I passed along his email saying only that he was worth a second look, which was the same thing that I said in my statement of a couple weeks' back. I sent it along to my email list, both as a service to voters and because Judge Gore asked for help. I did not change anything or exhort voters to vote for him - the email is from him asking for that.

As I said, I would do the same thing if requested by the other candidates, including Judge Hudson. In fact, I have done so for a candidate running for a district attorney seat in Greensboro, for example.

I understand the views of this group. I have my own views as I have been fighting the legal Establishment as well as the NC GOP. In fact, you cannot point to any other judicial candidate who has been so ill-spoken of, insulted and vilified as much as I have been. It saddens me that not one single person, judicial or otherwise, have come forward publicly and stated "enough! No candidate, no matter your views of them, should endure this kind of treatment." Things are the way they are and I will keep fighting until the election in November. I only mention this so that you can understand my position. For me, there is no clearly Progressive choice in the race and the choice me will be among the lesser of evils.

There are four seats up for election. This presents us with an historic opportunity to change the dynamic of the court. Whatever the voters decide in the primary and in the November elections, I hope that the victorious Democrats will be able to work together to benefit the people of North Carolina and to do real justice.

Best wishes,

Rachel Lea "Madame Justice" Hunter

Thank you for posting

Rachel, thank you for posting and clearing up your position.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.