Woodfin Diesel Power Plant: VICTORY!

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happy-dance.gifThe Woodfin Board of Adjustment denied Progress Energy the conditional use permit to build their diesel-fired power plant. While Progress Energy can appeal the Board's decision through the Court of Appeals, this unnecessary, ill-conceived, sneakily planned power plant is kaput.

Give yourselves a hand.

From the AC-T: "A town board early this morning voted down a proposal by Progress Energy to build a $72 million power plant in Woodfin.

About 150 people had packed a public hearing of the Board of Adjustment, saying they worried the plant would bring down property values and hurt air quality.
“We had what seemed like an overwhelming amount of evidence that it wouldn’t benefit Woodfin,” board Chairman Robert Powers said."
"“I don’t think we need to burn anything to make fuel anymore,” she said. “I would like to see Progress be champion instead of a villain.”

Warren Wilson College economics professor Susan Kask told board members the power plant’s location would lower property values regardless of environmental impact.

“It could be the cleanest plant in the world,” Kask said. “It doesn’t matter.”

Mountain Voices Alliance, The Canary Coalition, and all the other conservationists out there who fought this dirty deal, Scrutiny Hooligans salute you.

And to the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners, it's a sad day when Woodfin has to teach you what responsible governance looks like. Ramsey, Stanley, Peterson, Young, Gantt - you missed your chance to do the right thing. Now all of you are simply the tools who tried to sell our children's health and energy future to Big Energy for a dollar a year. See you in '08.


Excellent! I know you'll stick with it

until it is dead, dead, dead! I tried to comment at Scruhoo, but when I clicked in the comment box I got screwed sent to another URL. :)

Great work beating this drum, Screwy.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

The commissioners

will have a hard time living this one down. They sold out and didn't act to restore their integrity. Now they are toast.

Thanks Y'all!

I'll get syntax to work on fixing the comment box bug, SD.

The thing is really very dead but Progress may try to gin up another Frankenstein for us to battle. We'll see. Tonight I'm celebrating.

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