Scrutiny Hooligans: We've Moved!

After a few years of using Blogger (and dealing with all of the technical issues therein, such as the dreaded eaten posts, outages and downtimes, etc., all of which seemed to be exacerbated by Blogger's takeover by Google), the Hooligans sat down a few months ago over homemade chili & cornbread to discuss our options regarding the future of this blog. We decided to take matters into our own hands and jumped platforms from Blogger to WordPress, from Blogspot to our very own domain.

Effective immediately, we will be located at:

Please do us a solid and update your bookmarks, blogrolls and rss feeds. We'll do the same if you ever switch URLs. :)

We'll leave this site active for the time being, at least until all of the archived posts get imported from Blogger.

As we move into this brave new world of open-source blogging, Scrutiny Hooligans would like to thank you, our loyal readers, for your support over the past three years, and for your continued support in the future. This is a bold and exciting new venture for us, and we'd be honored if you came along for the ride.

The Hooligans
(Screwy Hoolie, Uptown Ruler, Catchy Pseudonym, Writ of Summons, Funk-O-Meter, syntax, & Drama Queen)


I stopped by earlier and couldn't comment

When I clicked in the comment box I was sent to another site. Maybe a tag isn't closed.

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