Too late for Liddy

The hand-writing is on the wall. The United States Navy will not get its wishes at Site C. The list of powerful elected officials opposing the site has reached a critical mass. Even poor old Walter Jones has finally seen the light and jumped off the OLF train.

WASHINGTON, N.C. Another congressman who represents voters near a proposed Navy landing field in eastern North Carolina says the site isn't the best one for the project. Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., represents Beaufort County and said in a letter to Navy Secretary Donald Winter that the Navy should pick another site in North Carolina for the outlying landing field, or OLF. Jones is a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

Fortunately, Walter Jones, Elizabeth Dole and the Republican party are no longer in control of Congress. If they were, they would have rammed this OLF down the throats of North Carolina farmers without a second thought. Jones had enough sense to see his OLF train speeding over the cliff and jumped to safety. Liddy Dole is either too arrogant or too ignorant to do the right thing. She will crash and burn.

I hope the farmers and families in eastern North Carolina will remember all of this in 18 months when it comes time to vote for members of Congress. I hope they will remember that it was the Democrats who stood for the people of our state and stopped this OLF dead in its tracks.


Dont worry

We wont let them forget. I can see the ad now:

When the Navy unveiled plans to destroy a pristine bird refuge, and steal tens of thousands of acres from local farmers, local people stood up and said No. Congressman Brad Miller(insert prayers here) stood up with them to protect their homes, and to protect the lives of our pilots.

What did Elizabeth Dole do? She did everything she could to protect the people of Northern Virginia against her own constiuents. If Elizabeth Dole doesnt want to represent us, then why should we vote her back into office?

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

The only tolerable location

is at Cherry Point itself. Liddy didn't have the clout to negotiate for that in the first place with John Warner, which is why the Navy had to split the planes between NC and Virginia. They should all be in one place or the other. And if they're going to be in NC, they should all be at Cherry Point, where they already have all the land they need for a landing strip.

To be truthful,

The Navy has not proven a need for this second OLF. Based on that, NO PLACE IN NC is a good place for it. I will not buy into the Navy's attempt at dividing and concouring my State. The original DEIS (2002) showed alternative 6 with and without an OLF, both options are still viable. Just because the Navy keeps wanting it, does not mean it needs it. (the rove cartoon used by another blog on this site with plato is so applicable here).

As a unified State, we need to tell the Navy, you have enough assets on the East Coast to support the military mission of training pilots to go to war. Use those assets. Only if the people of that region want this OLF should an OLF come to NC.

Splitsiting two sqadrons to Cherry Point will help alittle for the people of Virgina. These two squadrons would account for about 840 fclp missions over a two year period, but most of those flights are conducted in an 18 month window. Cherry Point can operate without any conflicts up to 3 squadrons of superhornets.

What the real problem is the Navy cannot or will not fix the encroachment problems around Oceana and they are trying for some reason to use NE NC to justify that this OLF will fix that problem. Yet the numbers dont lie, no matter how many OLFs the Navy has at its disposal, every plane every day and night must take-off and land at Oceana, and everyone of those is a safety risk to the local population due to encroachment.

The requirement to place 6 aircraft carriers in a 30 day window to a hotspot is beyond ludicrious. When we ramped up for Persian Gulf 1, it took from 3 Aug till 16 Jan for the politicians to finally allow for true strikes. It took that long for the other services to get ready. Fighting a war without the Army and Marines on the ground ready to keep what the Air Force and Navy soften up is a waste of lives (both sides). With the might of our carriers and airwings/ships, one or two carrier battlegroups on most peoples shores will be enough to have folks quite down.

When I was sitting off the Coast of Lebanon after the Marines where bombed, one of our battleships arrived and went on the gunline. The badguys where on the top of a mountain lobbing shells at our Marines. First, when that ship steamed up the coast at 12 miles off the coast, when she spun her guns toward shore, I am sure the dudes on the hills with binoculars saw those guns and realized they where not in a good place.

They did not fire on the Marines for a good 10 days. Then they started. The Marines asked for a counter-battery fire. And that battleship answered.. I think it was 3 rounds and that 105 was blown off the hill. 10 more days before they fired again. same result.

The F/A-18 has the ability to put bombs on target in the same manor as the battleship, only with a far greater range and you dont know where that plane is when he releases those bombs.

Bottom line. Our Navy does project power. One carrier is enough to encourage most people to behave. Two is nice insurance, placing 6 in a region in 30 days means WW3 has started or is about to. Is that what the Navy is telling us? WW3 is 30 days away? Who is capable of starting WW3? During the Cold War, with good guy tanks positioned in the Fulda Gap, we where not planing to place over half our carriers in the North Atlantic, Med and Pacific in 30 days. So why do we have that requirement now?

Cherry Point region would get $10million/squadron in annual revenues.

I agree with Icloud

Let’s think seriously about the ramifications of MORE JETS flying at 120 decibels all day long somewhere in eastern NC.

We must not forget Virginia Beach and the Navy are the ones who created this problem in less then seven years. It is ultimately their responsibility to mitigate the issue, not North Carolina’s.

If North Carolina’s state leadership is still very willing to boom box the people of Havelock with more jets, then Congress should withhold all funding until an OLF site is chosen with the least amount of impact on the people and environment.

Good Ol' Walter -

Always waiting to see which way the wind blows before adding his air to the jet stream.

You have to wonder about the motivations a man like that.

Can't make up his own mind?
A follower instead of a leader?
Feels safer 'hiding' in a crowd?
A bet hedger?

Tom Bryant

A columnist at the Pilot, jumps in on the side of OLF sanity.

It would be catastrophic indeed if this refuge were destroyed. Where else can these birds go? I plan to contact every politician I know to express how much I'm against this planned OLF.

Help me out. Would you do the same?

I had just read this column and was going to post the link.

There's beginning to be "No OLF" sentiment in a lot of places I didn't expect to see it here in the Sandhills. I'm very encouraged by the signs popping up in even what I consider the most conservative of neighborhoods. This is an issues that crosses most political lines, I think.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi


Elizabeth Dole, best Senator that Virginia ever had.

Like "certs retsen" STOP! You're both right!

Virginia and North Carolina have a case to make with the US Congress and with the DoD.

The coast of both States are overwhelmed with Military Bases and Airfields. Not that anyone wants them to move, no, that is not the case.

The case to make is that other states could benefit from OLF like areas being establised in thier State. It also makes strategic sence. Most of the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy is sitting right on the Eastern Shores of N.C. and Va. If it is anything, it is a great target.

But really, N.C. and Va. have welcomed the Military in their states to a degree shared by only a few others. We are all proud to host the part of us which does so much and which means so much to us all. We boast with our Bumberstickers, advertisments and flags that we are the proud home of Camp Lejeune, Cherry Point, Oceana, Norfolk and others. Love is not the issue. We all love them.

The issue is leaning towards practicality. A practicality the Navy may not want to acknowledge, or address. These homes for our Military are also our homes. The concerns of the citizens and the impact on our lives must be addressed on par with the needs of the US Government.

No one seems to believe that has been done. Neither do I. Knowing the resistance of the citizens of North Carolina, the Navy and DoD continue head on. Fairness and equity must take the day least we strain our decades of warm relationships. Americans have a tendancy to resist the more when iqnored.

Let us all hope for some good news soon. Additionally, let us NOT forget our good representatives who sat on their hands while the people who "brought them to the dance" did their job. Common courtesy dictates that you leave with the same person who brought you to the dance. Are you listening Sen. Dole and Congressman Jones?

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

Word has it that the charlette convention center is

to host this public hearing on the 17th.

4:30pm - 6:30pm you can ask the Navy questions about this OLF. From 7pm till-- folks can make comments, etc. but the Navy will not answer your questions at that time. Your questions should have an answer and be written out and submitted in the Final Suplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS) as required by the NEPA process.

I am going to try to make it to this...If I do nothing else, I will again put in comments and questions asking why is the Navy in NC?

The ultimate goal should be

Support our NC Congressional delegation to have the funding removed for the OLF. Once it is removed an open discussion for OLF locations in North Carolina could be addressed with our state leadership. NO MORE BACK ROOM DEALS!

No other community or region should be subjected to the torture we've had to endure for the last five years for the benefit of Virginians. Where is Kelo vs. New London? Our private property is being taken to benefit people living in another state.
The letter between John Warner and Dole would make you sick where she negotiates for the squadrons in lieu of some innocent persons land. "It is not up to us (Warner and Dole) to tell the Navy what to do." Except (Dole)…. give me two squadrons of F/18 Super Hornets…. I’ll just take a couple of those.

Currently, Governor Easley, Commissioner of Ag. Toxler, Dale Hale USFW, NC Democratic Congress, Walter Jones and over two hundred organizations are asking the Navy to cease and desist. Clearly our state leadership is starting to come forward to protect her people and the environment and the Navy who essentially works for us continues to wear blinders and earplugs. Democratic Republic? Or Military Dictatorship?

It's about time, Mr. Jones!

Very well said, Susan!!

I know many, many of us have pleaded with Mr. Jones to align with us and help stop this proposed OLF. Although it be late, I am thankful for it. Yes, a tad bit spineless now.....but momma always said, "Better late than never!". If only Mizz Dole would join in. I guess someone is still paying her under the table??

One of the writers @ the N&O planted a seed in my head last week. He mentioned that the proposed OLF cannot go to MCAS Cherry Point because then it would require all of the jet squadrons to go there, also! I *never* thought of that!

I wonder if Mizz Dole has thought of that...........?

Thanks Dayna,

When No-OLFers lobbied in DC, they met with every Republican NC representatives. Each representative told them they would take Jones lead in regards to the OLF.

So, either they lied to us, or are moving slow waiting for the big drum role.

The feed back from the citizens I have spoken to believe that the reps. are stymied by fear. Fear that they would actually have to work as a unified delegation to have the funding pulled. For the last few years when they actually did have the power to do something they all hid behind Jones waiting for his move. The people of the state will finally recognize their shallow characters if they cannot put partisan politics aside for the good of the state. Most people believe it is much easier to live under a military dictatorship then to stand up to it.

They should be proud and honored to stand as a unit to show the state/ country/ world their refusal to take the garbage thrown at them by a govt. agency that is clearly out of control. The same agency that told Judge Boyles in court they do not mind wasting our tax dollars on an ill-conceived project. This is the same agency whose field representative poked one of our farmers in the chest and said, “ I am going to get your land old man whether you like it or not.”

Susan, did you meet with Robin Hayes?

If so, what specifically did he or his staff say?

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Just to let you know

I called Coble's office in Washington, and was told that "that hasn't been put to a vote yet." I asked his aide to encourage Mr. Coble to take a stand against the OLF like Governor Easley, Rep. Jones, and most of the other elected officials representing NC have already done. He took my name and address and said that Coble likes to respond in writing. He usually does, too. So we'll see. I'll see if I can't get other 6th districters to put the pressure on Mr. Coble to take a stand for NC.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

Has not been put to a vote???

the military budget request for 2008 is for the 5th increment.

In 2006, this OLF was voted on and the wording to change somewhere in NC to washington county was approved. Then this was voted on. so yes, a vote was conducted. I belief early mar was voted on in commette and 11 mar passed thru congress. I lost this voting process in the senate.

Also, when the record of decision stating washington county back in 2003 was released, that was just pulled out of a hat somewhere? Congress was not informed or had any input?

My posts are based on facts. the previous para I cannot prove or disprove. They are true questions on my part.