What's the Greensboro News and Record got against John Edwards?

Yesterday's campaign stop at Bennet College was great fun and I got to pick up a sign. It was the standard stump speech meany of you have heard. If not, make sure you do.

So this morning I was reading the Greensboro News and Record, and what do I see on the front page? A picture of Senator Edwards walking on stage with his two young children under the headline:


Excuse me? A major presidential candidate visits one of two historically black colleges for women and its suddenly chasing black votes? He spoke about the historic significance of Greensboro in the Civil Rights Movement and encouraged the college students in the crowd to be active. And it's not like he's some blue-blood yankee coming down to reach out. He's from North Carolina, but none of that matters, apparently.

The text of Nate DeGraff article was just as bad, since he accused the speech of being short on substance, stating

"Edwards didn't provide much detail about his ideas during his 18-minute stump speech, but some of the students were impressed."

Had DeGraff been paying attention he surely would have heard about substantive proposals for universal health care, making college affordable, and perhaps most importantly, America's role in the foreign policy. These weren't vague platitudes, he mentioned Darfur and AIDS specifically.

Oh and by the way, if you want to read DeGraff's article at www.news-record.com you'll have to search for "john edwards" from the homepage, since the website is leading with a local homelessman who was arrested for murder. The man who could be the next president and local son comes to Greensboro, but if it bleeds ...

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Wow. I'm shocked.

Does this guy have a part-time gig with the CJ as well?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Hey GSODem! Glad to see you, great post

Does seem as if there is an organized plan to either ignore or "off-message" Edwards by the MSM. They keep trying to tell us that HRC or Obama are the Dem front runners, seems to me, someone somewhere is afraid of Edwards.

How's your lady friend? Hope that you'll invite her to BlueNC today especially because today is Women on Wednesday and we are highlighting women writers, issues and ideas.

I threw out an idea the other day that all the Young Dems on this site should have a special blog day where they too speak of issues and ideas that concern them the most. Would you be interested?

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Great idea. I'd love to

Great idea. I'd love to have a Young Dems blog on Fridays, or something like that.

As far as the media battle is going, the MSM hasn't found a way to categorize Edwards yet. The Obama-Clinton frontrunner meme is just irresistible for many a beat writer. If its all Obama-HRC all the time, how do you account for Edwards, or the 10 or so percent who consistently register their preference for Gore.

And Steph's doing great. Thanks for asking. I keep trying to turn her into a progressive pugilist. We'll see.

PS: Great work on the WoW. I considered not posting today because I didn't want to steal any thunder, but I when I read the GNR today, I had to share this with someone.

Good post

As someone who used to write headlines for his college paper, I can tell you that whoever wrote that one absolutely intended it as a slam. I'm an Obama sympathizer (Edwards, too---we have some great choices this time around), but no one is entitled to black folks' votes.

While the Republican Party is nowhere for them to call home, we Democrats need to continue to earn the votes of all of those from whom we seek support. And, quite naturally, so do each of the candidates. And from what I can tell, John Edwards is earning those votes by living the promise for the black community. His trips to and the work he does in Africa are inspiring, as are his efforts to eliminate poverty, provide labor protections, and bring opportunity to all will make him a legend if elected President.

Chasing black votes---I'd say the party that bashes gays, hoping a few black churches will defect as a result--that's chasing black votes. And with no respect, either.

And as far as the "not much detail" line---it's an 18-minute stump speech, for God's sake, not a policy paper. In stump speeches, those in attendance want to know what a candidate wants to do if elected, not every last minor detail about how he's going to do it. This guy is a hack---you could use the namby-pamby "not much detail" line in response to EVERY SINGLE STUMP SPEECH EVER GIVEN.

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let me get this straight

If you read your plan bullet point by bullet point you are called boring and wonkish. If you say you have a plan, and it is detailed, but dont read it verbatim then you are full of empty platitudes?

I would be hard pressed to give a complete summary of his plans on more than one or two policy questions in 18 minutes.

I love how the media spends so much time doing this bs, attack politics (because it sells papers) and then we find out paper sales are declining. its so amusing how far up their asses their heads reside.

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Media and John Edwards....Media in general

In regards to the Mainstream Media today, liberal and conservative, there is always more intended than simply reporting the news.
By using the venacular "Chasing Black Votes" the media is sending the message to the African American Community that they should not be fooled by John Edwards. The media reporter in this case did not need to know what John Edwards said or why he was there becasue the report was probably written before John Edwards even arrived.

On the surface, it is simply a smearing tactic, but deeper down, where the motive dwells in a persons heart, it is a dishonest and malicious attack upon the honor and good intent of an honest man who is trying to do a good thing in this world.

Malice, however dirty and dark, is unstoppable when the human spirit becomes jelous and afraid. Today the Republican Party, its members, and its neocon benefactors are very afraid. The American people, however long in slumber, have awaken to the dishonesty, secrecy and dark intent of the entire conservative movement and they know thier time has come to account. Like any scared animal will do, they look for a way to safety by any means. Don't be fooled and don't be discouraged. Democracy will prevail. It always does.

As for me? I will support John Edwards and defend him from the evil intent of so many who are afraid today. I am no liberal. There are corp beliefs which have guided me as with any one else, but somehow the meaning of those influences have brought me to the place I am today. I am a Democrat. Maybe somewhat conservative, but a good Democrat nevertheless.

I feel sorry for the likes of those as Nate DeGraff. So willing to destroy the entire country
to achieve an ominous goal. To destroy a mans character. Is that what America is about? I say no. We are too great for that.

God bless John Edwards.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

did DeGraff change the headline?

when I went to look at the article it was on the web as:

"Edwards visits college, civil rights museum during Greensboro visit"

Sometimes I think newspaper "journalists" try too hard to be edgy when the content doesn't stand on it's own.

I read at Ed Cone's blog

that there were different headlines all along for print and on the web.

That could be.....and they also

will use a questionable teaser header on the page that lists news stories and then a more reasonable header on the news story itself....you know....kinda like bloggers.

Great catch GSODem. This headline whether in print or online is certainly negative. The paper should have a more professional staff writing their headlines. It's not like they're bloggers for heaven's sake.

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Two Days, Two Headlines

When I was reading the online version Wednesday morning there were two hits from a search for "john edwards."

One from Tuesday after the event with the neutral headline you referred to, and one with the objectionable one.

It was, from a cursory glance, the same article. DeGraff filed an online version Tuesday soon after the event dated 3/13. The 3/14 online filing of the same article had the offensive headline.

Whether you still see both copies of the same article with different dates and headlines anymore, I don't know.