ALIPAC President Thinks Idea of Shooting Illegal Immigrants for Bounty is "Humorous"

ALIPAC claims to be a group of moderates, opposed only to illegal immigration, that does not allow discussion of violence or racism on its board. However, the truth is they are very xenophobic, and some are racists as well.

Here's a classic post. Scary stuff! A member of ALIPAC posted the idea to turn "redn**ks with shotguns" loose for a $5,000 bounty to shoot illegal immigrant Mexicans and solve the problem. Other ALIPACers had similar thoughts. The President of ALIPAC, William Gheen ("W") thought the whole idea was "humorous"!

Here's a link to the actual thread, in case anyone does not believe me. Read starting with post by PintoBean, and the other pages too.
Here's a version with annotated comments, in case the attention drawn to this thread results in deletion:

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Classic Examples of Xenophobia at ALIPAC

If you’ve ever encountered someone who rages about bilingual Betty Crocker instructions or bilingual signage and Spanish language music in Sears or J.C. Penney (“J.C. Centavo”), then you’ve encountered ALIPAC.US. ALIPAC.US doesn’t know much about illegal immigration, but they sure know one when they see one! ALIPAC.US's illegal immigrants have brown complexion and speak Spanish in public, and are often found working at farms, restuarants, etc. ALIPAC doesn’t even need to see legal documents to determine their legal status either!

Here's the classic collection of ALIPAC xenophobia and latent racism, originally posted by Buford at

They say they’re not anti-Hispanic or anti-immigrant but anti-ILLEGAL immigrant. That’s not true for many of them. Every now and then I'll surf the net and note something that these people comment. They claim that they are merely anti-illegal immigrant, and they stress the illegal part. They claim that they have nothing against legal immigrants and Hispanic and Latino people. But that's not the case.

Not only are they against illegal immigrants, but they are against Latinos, Mexico, Hispanics and anyone who doesn't hate these people. Below are just a few examples. I got most of the material from ALIPAC because I'm lazy, and ALIPAC is just overflowing with good examples.

Here a bunch of participants lament the fact that Betty Crocker includes directions in Spanish with their products. They say they only object to illegal aliens and that they do not object to Hispanics or legal immigrants. This thread shows just how absurd that claim is. In reality, they just don't like Hispanic people or the Spanish language.

Here's a thread about some nit-wit who was offended by people in a department store speaking Spanish and by the overhead radio playing music in the Spanish language. Even William Gheen, president of ALIPAC, chimes in to suggest that she should have complained to management. He suggests that she not go back to the store again until the Spanish is removed from the PA system.

I can only imagine this person marching into the manager's office and saying she'll never return until they remove the Spanish from the PA system. You'd never seen a store manager so happy. Break open a couple of bottles of Inca Cola and crank up the Juan Luis Guerra because that idiot ain't comin' back.

Here's another thread where low-foreheads complain about Spanish language music in a shoe store. Why does the Spanish language bother some people so much?

Here's a guy who was so upset about seeing brown skinned persons working at a restaurant that he wrote a letter to the manager. Basically, he saw men with brown skin, and with no additional evidence, he just assumed they were engaged in law breaking activity. Will someone please tell me whether this guy is merely anti-illegal immigrant or does he just not like Hispanic people? Otherwise please explain to me why this guy has an objection to men with brown skin working for a living?

Can you imagine being a restaurant manager and getting a letter from someone like this? What would a manager think? Would they laugh? Or would they be concerned?

Here some geniuses object to the Home Shopping Channel being in Spanish. They assume that the customers are not likely to pay their bills simply because they speak Spanish. This is based on nothing other than that the customers will be Spanish speaking persons. Is this starting to get you angry?

Here some pinheads found an online poll, and they discuss how they intentionally tried to manipulate the poll results. The next time you hear about a poll saying that X% percent of people support this or that, remember this.

Here a chump objects to Dominos Pizza printing coupons in Spanish. He describes how he contacts the chain's headquarters to tell them that he will no longer be ordering Dominos pizza.

If these idiots keep their promises to not transact with companies that advertise in Spanish or have Spanish speaking or brown skinned workers, then they'll be eating nothing but bugs and grass from their backyard.

Here is a patriot objecting to Mexican style food being served in Appleby's restaurant. Notice how they don't complain about Thai food or Italian food being served. No. The only objection is to Mexican style food being served.

Are these people merely against illegal immigration as they claim or do they just plain hate Mexicans? We report. You decide.

Here is someone objecting to General Mills marketing a product in Spanish. One guy writes, "These companies do not no [sic] the word 'loyal'..." That's pretty funny.

This is just an example of how dumb these idiots are. The nit wit deleted his original comments, but I'll tell you what he said. He walks into a convenience store and sees a fellow idiot buying Miller Beer. The anti-Hispanic movement is currently boycotting Miller Beer so idiot #1 tells idiot #2 that Miller supports illegal immigrants and that he should buy another type of beer. Idiot #2 puts down the Miller and picks up a 12-pack of Ice House. The original post now deleted included a picture of idiot #2 holding his case of Ice House and flashing a smile revealing rotting teeth and pyorrhea ridden gums meanwhile giving the finger to a six pack of Miller Beer.

Ice House is made by the Miller Brewing Company.

By the way, the stock of SAB Miller is higher now than it was when they started the boycott.

The National Football League is trying to develop an audience of Latinos. It even has a website These *****s object to this. What's more American than football except General Mills cereal and Betty Crocker? But these people hate Hispanic people so much that they object to their assimilation into society. They even don't want Spanish speaking people to be introduced to American football.

Here's another case where a guy objects to men with brown skin working in a restaurant. He also assumes, based on no other information than their appearance and the language they are speaking, that they are law breakers, and he contemplates calling authorities to report them.

That's not all. That's not the worst. Something scary is the threats of violence. The moderators of ALIPAC want to keep this out of public view, and they will delete any comment that suggests violence. There have been many. Some people talk about wanting to shoot people trying to cross the border. Others suggest land mines. Still others think that a civil war in this country is inevitable and recommend that the anti-Hispanic movement take up arms.

These are just some examples I found from light surfing one website.

I want to highlight that just because one or many of these people think this way, that doesn't mean that they ALL think that way. There are many in the anti-immigrant community who are probably good hearted, reasonably intelligent people who are just ignorant or are being deceived by the hatred and the lies that these other evil people spread.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever heard about someone being upset by having to press "1" for English? Every now and then some buffoon with Pamela Anderson as his avatar will write a rant about that. The comfort that we have is this: if these idiots get so upset about something so insignificant as having to press a button with one of their fingers, then you know that there ain't nothin' that won't bother them. They must be the most miserable people in the world if they get their panties all in a bunch over something so insignificant.

I've met a lot of immigrants, and I've generally found them to be pretty cool people. My block has people from India, Viet Nam, Bahamas, Africa, Mexico and Central America. I've met immigrants from Nepal, Portugal, China, Thailand, Burma, Korea, Canada, England, Cambodia, and people from all over the Americas. They come here with bright eyes. This is the land of opportunity. This is a place where you can work and live in peace and achieve the American dream. It's a happy place. People are optimistic when they cross that border or get off that plane.

By and large they're happy people. They're optimistic. They expect good things to happen. When they see an American their eyes light up, and they're willing to meet and greet and make friends.

But something is happening in this country. Hateful people are spreading lies and propaganda

, and ignorant people are taking it in. A cauldron of hate is brewing, and a lot of people are sensing it. Minute Men are on the street protesting people with brown skin who are only looking for work. Cities passing laws that prohibit renting rooms to certain people. Several Mexican men were murdered a few months ago. These people were more upset that the Mexican flag was flown than they were about the murders of fathers, brothers, sons, loved ones. You know what I'm talking about. I don't need to describe it any further.

This is disturbing, and it is polarizing our communities. As a white guy, Latinos used to like me. For some reason they liked having a white guy as a friend. Senoritas seemed to be attracted to me. But nowadays it's a lot different. Some of the people are not as friendly. They're more wary than anything else. Senoritas don't seem to be as attracted to me anymore either. That really hurts.


a guy says that he refuses to buy products that have the Spanish language on the package and that when he finds such a product he writes a nasty e-mail. One guy refers to Spanish speaking people as "invaders" nevermind that the majority of people who use the Spanish language are here legally or are citizens. Another guy gets upset that a portion of donations to the Literacy Fund might benefit Hispanics. Another guy bought some candy and threw it out after having noticed that it was made in Mexico.

Taco Bell is considering expanding it's Latino customer base by advertising in Spanish. A participant at ALIPAC encourages others to express their opinions about it. IT'S TACO BELL FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!

Here's a classic by mkfarnam himself. Don't you love it how in a forum someone writes "Your a *****." That is so iron. I love irony. In the above referenced thread Dec 29 10:43 pm, mkfarnam writes with respect to Latino landscaping workers "their idiots".

Here is a discussion about the pizza restaurant that accepts Mexican pesos. One person claims to be discriminated against. One person claims that they’re racist. I suppose he would conclude that Victoria’s Secret is sexist because they don’t market their underwear to men. Without any evidence to support his claim (common at ALIPAC), the guy concludes that they wouldn’t hire anyone who isn’t Hispanic and young. Our friend gusgriswald commented that it is “straight up discrimination on so many levels”. He never explains how it’s discrimination. It would actually be discrimination if the DID NOT accept pesos.

Another commenter suggested they change the name to “Pizza Ecoli”. He believes, based on the fact that they target the Hispanic market in their advertising, that they therefore are unsanitary.

Here an ALIPACker goes to a job site and takes pictures of men working. Excuse me. I meant he takes pictures of brown skinned men working. One must ponder what is the purpose of this. Why post these pictures on a web forum that is anti-illegal?

Overt Racism and Calls to Violence

It is definitely appearant in Alipac's forum that they don't care whether or not you are illegal or legal, if you are Hispanic then you are hated by their members. Unless you are used as their shield you, then they try to inspire you to agree with them putting down the Latino culture.

How can a president of an organization find a $5,000 bount on illegal immigrant's heads humorous? Would he say the same if it was his head? William Gheen is irresponsible as a leader and a bigot.

No Rednecks or Shotguns


In the link to the thread you posted, no where is there any mention of rednecks, shotguns (or any guns for that matter) and no mention of shooting people.

How's Tony doing selling his White People Go Home T-Shirts??

Shooting Mexicans Thread Exists

Here you go:

"We know there are laws on the books that if enforced would eliminate the problem...however, everyone will say we do not have the money to enforce said laws, so I have another solution.

It is estimated that America's Middle Class loses some 200 Billion dollars a year in depressed wages YEARLY. It is also estimated conservatively that there are 10 Million Illegal Aliens (most from Mexico) here in America.

If you put a bounty on the head of each one of say $5,000 you are looking at around $50 Billion dollars if my math at this late hour is correct, or about 1/4 of our lost yearly wages.

Now, I can drive up to any corner where day laborers gather and tell them I need ten workers, and they will EAGERLY leap into the back of my pick up truck. 10 times $5,000 is $50,000 for one days work. So, put a bounty on the head of every single illegal alien in this nation, and let the red necks and their shotguns go to can bet in a year this place would be DEVOID of illegal aliens, and the price tag WELL WORTH IT.

Pinto Bean"

Now "W" (President of ALIPAC) chimes in:
"Humorous idea Pinto, but I don't think the American public would be happy with a bounty driven illegal alien hunt. Besides, US citizens do not have the ability to determine legal status.

Our police, Sheriffs, and Highway Patrol can get this thing turned the right way in short order.


They Write Emails

William Gheen deigned to send the following to the recipients of messages from BlueNC's contact page:

William Gheen sent a message using the contact form at

Your website has false information up claiming that I want people to be

This statement is false and there is no evidence that I have ever said
anything like that. I would hope that you site has some respect for the
truth even if you might disagree with some of my views.

When the truth hurts, deny whatever you can! (Whether anyone ever said it or not....)

I'll also take this opportunity

to recommend:

  • The Scrapbook Extension for Firefox, which lets you quickly and easily archive pages to your local machine -- it does a great job pulling down all the information you need to view the page later exactly as it appeared on scrapbooking; and
  • The Google Toolbar and, in particular, the "Send to Gmail" button, which will put the entire contents of a page into an email, another great way to archive stuff that you're worried will change before you can get around to showing it to others.

The same Google Toolbar button also has a "Send to Blogger" function for those of you using Google as your blogging platform, and a "Send to SMS" for sending snippets to your mobile phone.

Great suggestions

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

William Gheen's Response

Thanks for posting that Lance! I guess William Gheen is having problems handling the truth.

It's interesting that William Gheen posted nothing here in response, but wrote to the web site instead. To date, William Gheen's only response to the shooting illegal immigrants for a bounty idea was his post on ALIPAC where he stated the idea was "humorous."

William Gheen debated with me on, but 'cut and ran' back behind the walls of censorship at ALIPAC.US after my questions and the truth became too uncomfortable for him. I guess he's afraid to publicly debate a critic so instead he tries to get web site administrators to censor criticism of ALIPAC and it's xenophobes.

You can find a lot more information about ALIPAC.US on the watchdog site,

William Gheen sent a

William Gheen sent a message using the contact form at

Your website has false information up claiming that I want people to be

This statement is false and there is no evidence that I have ever said
anything like that. I would hope that you site has some respect for the
truth even if you might disagree with some of my views.

Hmmm.... so screenshots from his site, and quotes from his site to the contrary, Gheen is saying

there is no evidence that I have ever said anything like that.

Next thing he'll be quoting Groucho Marx: "Who are you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?"

Politicians are like diapers: they need to be changed, often, and for the same reason.

Politicians are like diapers: they need to be changed, often, and for the same reason.

Where is William Gheen?

I guess we're not going to hear from William Gheen. He'll gladly write a web site administrator and demand posts not to his liking be censored, but when it comes to open debate he's nowhere to be found. He posts all the time on ALIPAC.US, SOS, etc. but doesn't have to worry about his critics there because they are quickly censored and banned.

Some have alleged William Gheen posts on as well, but I haven't seen compelling evidence of that, though it would not suprise me. ALIPAC material appears on and all the time:,com_smf/Itemid,62/topic,83.0/,com_smf/Itemid,62/topic,56.0/


There are just some places on the web I won't go. Those are two of them.

The Den
My darling girl, when will you understand that 'normal' isn't necessarily a virtue. It rather denotes a lack of courage." - Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic

RE: Hmmm

I don't blame you. I don't go there either, except sometimes to see what ALIPAC is up to.


ALIPAC is a federal PAC but that's about it. It is not a corporation or State PAC. It does not really spend money on candidates. Most of its money goes to Gheen for salary. Sounds like a way to avoid taxes without being a registered non-profit.

ALIPAC Spending

Political committees (527 organizations) that are required to register with the FEC do not have to register with the IRS. Section 527 organizations are considered non-profits.

Only 3% of ALIPAC's 2005-2006 contributions went to candidates. Most of the rest went to pay Gheen's salary and travel expenses, even his Wall Street Journal.

ALIPAC's finances are a "matter under review" with the FEC, which may turn into a formal investigation. To summarize the issues:
1. Contributors thought they were contributing to elect candidates, but only 3% went to elect candidates. Brings into question whether ALIPAC is operating as a PAC.
2. No accounting of ALIPAC's on-line store. Even though the store likely had zero profit, FEC rules require reporting sales as contributions, and expenses as disbursements. Totally missed in their disclosures.
3. No in-kind contributions, either to or from ALIPAC reported, such as office space contributed to ALIPAC by Gheen, or paid blogging by Gheen for ALIPAC's candidates.

Where Does ALIPAC Bank?

If you guessed BB&T you are correct. What's the significance?

ALIPAC is leading a massive boycott of banks that offer credit cards to people without social security numbers. ALIPAC was banking at BB&T as late as December, 2006, per their FEC disclosures, and BB&T is on their boycott list!

You'd think they'd check where they do their banking before putting their own bank on a boycott list!

Who organized ALIPAC?

Is it a corporation? If so, who are on the board of directors? Is it private or public?

The Den
My darling girl, when will you understand that 'normal' isn't necessarily a virtue. It rather denotes a lack of courage." - Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic


ALIPAC was organized by William Gheen while he was a NC legislative staffer. El Pueblo called into question how he could be a legislative staffer while lobbying for an outside organization, and without a lobbyist license. A few days later he "took an unpaid leave of absence" to lobby for ALIPAC full-time. IMHO, this was a face saving way to fire him because he was embarassing his boss.

By registering with the FEC they became incorporated as a Section 527 organization. To my knowledge, they're not incorporated as a corporation in NC or any other state, but do not have to separately register. The IRS regulations do not require political committees that are required to be registered with the FEC to file for tax-exempt status with the IRS.


Who was his boss when this occurred?

It just doesn't seem - right. Or rather it the right. Very to the right.
The Den
My darling girl, when will you understand that 'normal' isn't necessarily a virtue. It rather denotes a lack of courage." - Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic

"Insider Trading" by ALIPAC

Hugh Webster was William Gheen's boss at the time Gheen left.
From a comprehensive report on ALIPAC:

Insider Trading
Besides serving as president of Americans for Legal Immigration–PAC, William Gheen is also the legislative assistant to Republican State Senator Hugh Webster. Earlier this year Webster introduced a bill, modeled on the provisions of Arizona’s Proposition 200, that would deny public benefits—education and health care—to undocumented immigrants. Gheen stepped forward at a press conference in late March 2005 to answer questions about the bill, a move that drew criticism from the opposition and eventuated in Gheen taking an unpaid leave of absence in order to lobby fulltime on immigration issues. The ALI president later told the press that he was working for Webster at the time of the news conference and that he only did ALI-PAC work on his personal time outside of the Legislature. He also reassured the public that since he was not a paid lobbyist, he was not required to register as such with the state of North Carolina. It is not surprising that Gheen would be employed by Senator Webster, whose views are consistent with the anti-immigrant, Christian Right leanings of those in the ALIPAC orbit. Besides sponsoring the bill that essentially duplicates ALI’s anti-immigrant agenda, Webster has introduced a notorious bill “protecting” college students from the views of “liberal professors.” Referred to as the “Academic Bill of Rights,” the bill is a thinly disguised attempt to stifle classroom discussion by making controversial topics such as evolution and human sexuality nearly impossible to teach without threat of legal repercussion.

Thanks, Greg

The Den
My darling girl, when will you understand that 'normal' isn't necessarily a virtue. It rather denotes a lack of courage." - Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic


Actually, a section 527 political organization is a corporation, just not registered as as a for-profit business would be incorporated.

Ok, maybe I need to do a little research myself

because this doesn't make sense to me. It's a corporation, but it's not a corporation. I didn't think that was something that was a grey area. If it's a corporation, it's got to be "incorporated" somewhere. If it's not a corporation - fine. It's a committee. Who is on the committee? Or is that a secret, too?
The Den
My darling girl, when will you understand that 'normal' isn't necessarily a virtue. It rather denotes a lack of courage." - Alice Hoffman, Practical Magic


ALIPAC and other federal PACs are corporations registered with the FEC under Section 527 of the Federal code for campaign finance. That makes them a corporate entity under federal law. ALIPAC doesn't have to register in states as a PAC, but if they intend to contribute to NC candidates they do have to register with the NC Board of Elections as well. Federal candidates have to file with the FEC, and that makes their political committees corporate entities as well.

You can find their most recent statement of organization on the FEC web site at:

On the ALIPAC.US you can also find the board. Essentially Gheen runs the whole show, but there is a board of directors.

The Last Line

The last line of the conclusions section is my favorite line, "The people of North Carolina deserve better."

Americans for Legal Immigration–PAC is a relatively small organization that has, like a number of techno-savvy political groups, made a relatively big splash by taking on a hot button issue and making creative use of the internet. ALI-PAC’s message, however, is characterized by hysterical fear-mongering and xenophobic, anti-Latino conspiracy theories.
ALI appeals to the worst aspects of American nativism, and attempts to dress up its positions with rule of law rhetoric. No such rhetoric can hide the fact that its attacks are opportunistic, sensational and disconnected from reality. Immigrants, with or without documents, come to the United States to find a better life. Good public policy seeks to construct strong institutions and respond creatively to new arrivals, to integrate them into the structure of local communities, and find a place for them in our society. Overheated rhetoric about North Carolina colleges “swamped” with applicants taking the place of “real Americans” is not helpful; racist conspiracy theories and vigilante activities truly do undermine faith in public order and the rule of law. The people of North Carolina deserve better.

Waste of flesh

WOW! The usual rhetoric and name calling from the liberals. What does it feel like to be so useless and weak that you have to tear others down to feel better about yourselfs, as you sit on your lazy rear ends and do nothing to bring about change? May God protect your children, because you have certainly failed. A lot of flesh being wasted here.

ADL Determines ALIPAC is a Hate Group

Willie G is already whining about this, but ADL's determination is not a surprise.

Immigrants Targeted: Extremist Rhetoric Moves into the Mainstream

Groups: Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC) – North Carolina
The platform of the North Carolina-based Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC), asserts that “more should be done to reduce illegal immigration.” To achieve what is a legitimate and credible policy aim, the group pledges to utilize the work of its members and contributors to support “candidates for office that are serious about immigration reform.” The group also encourages members to take individual action and lobby elected officials. But its most visible representative, ALIPAC president William Gheen, advances this mission by branding undocumented immigrants as murderous criminals infecting Americans with diseases.

At an August 2007 rally in North Carolina, Gheen stated, “Illegal aliens in this country have set up ethnic cleansing zones, ethnic cleansing zones where if you walk past the wrong sign post, the invisible line, you’re under the threat of death.”

In July 2007, Gheen appeared with Ted Hayes, leader of the anti-immigrant organization Choose Black America, on a Fox News segment and demonstrated his bigotry, explaining, “I can’t see how anybody would think that someone who’s here illegally in the country that’s stolen someone’s ID, stolen someone’s American job, should then be able to rape, assault or murder and not be deported.”

Gheen also inflames anti-immigrant sentiment by falsely asserting that foreigners bring disease into the nation. During a June 2007 radio interview, he said, “We've got bedbugs back in all, almost all of our 58 [sic] states. We've got TB on the rise, we've got hepatitis, we've got HIV, we've got diseases like Chagas disease, which is a horrifying disease, but also, much like TB, is very, very difficult to treat at all, and it's coming in because of the, the lack of enforcement of our immigration laws and, and the end result is Americans are suffering, Americans are dying.”

During Gheen’s speech at a June 2007 rally in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, in support of that city’s restrictive ordinance against undocumented immigrants, he said, “I want to talk about crime and disease for a second…They broke the law when they stole your identity, wrecking your life. They broke the law when they took a job they weren’t supposed to have…These people have shown a pattern of disrespect and a pattern of criminal behavior coming from gang-rule areas where there is no law. And that is what our nation is becoming like because it’s common sense that when you inject that into a nation, that is what your nation becomes like.”

He continued, “We got a problem. Well I got some news. According to some rough math I did 20 minutes ago, we’re getting four to ten TB active cases rushing across our southern border every night.”

Gheen also maintains affiliations with the Minutemen. The Minutemen are a loose network of local chapters around the country, whose primary goal is to keep undocumented immigrants from Mexico out of the United States. The more extreme Minutemen chapters advocate patrols of the Mexican-American border by armed volunteers.

In July 2007, Gheen was a guest on Minuteman Radio, hosted by Minuteman Civil Defense Corps leader Chris Simcox. The day before, he spoke at an anti-immigrant conference in Chicago. Fellow speakers included Illinois Minuteman leader and prominent YDSFM member Rosanna Pulido and Ted Hayes.

ALIPAC had a heavy presence at the April 2007 anti-immigrant “Hold Their Feet to the Fire,” a series of anti-immigrant events in Washington, D.C., that brought together several members of Congress, anti-immigration groups, media figures, border vigilante groups, and citizen activists from around the country. Though “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” included several mainstream, legitimate figures who refrain from extreme language in their opposition to immigration, ALIPAC invited Los Angeles Minuteman chapter leader Tony Dolz to become an official participant in Blogger’s Row, a small group of individuals who dedicated three days to “meet with citizen activists, talk radio hosts, and elected officials” and catalogue the events in their online journals.

In April 2005, Gheen was a guest on The Political Cesspool, a Tennessee-based radio show hosted by white supremacist James Edwards that regularly features neo-Nazis and white supremacists as guests.

Featured Video: "William Gheen of ALIPAC in Hazelton, June 3, 2007"

This video, shared on YouTube, presents ALIPAC leader William Gheen’s speech at a June 2007 rally in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, in support of that city’s restrictive ordinance against undocumented immigrants.

Please click on minutes 4:25 – 3:00 for highlights of William Gheen’s speech.

Saka Lives

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Five little trolls sit under the bridge
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They grumble and moan so jealously
but nobody hears on their low voltage website.

They are the biggest fans of the ALIPAC show
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