Sad Sue's Sorry Site

I haven't paid much attention to the shenanigans of Ms. Myrick and her allegiance to Dear Leader, but a number of pundits have put her gubernatorial ambitions on the table, so she is now squarely in my sights. And after a brief stroll through her creepy website all I can say is what the f*ck is going on in Charlotte? Is this really the best you can do?

The funniest part of her vanity site is the photo section. This shot with the Emperor is hilarious. SS looks like the puppet of a puppet . . . which as near as I can tell is exactly what she is. No need to bother thinking about anything SS . . . just do what George wants and don't worry about little old things like laws and personal freedoms.

NOTE: Don't click on this photo if you have recently eaten. I will not be held responsible for barf on your keyboard.

Check out Sad Sue's Sorry Site . . . and be sure to look for the photograph of SS posing with an elephant. Your tax dollars at work.


Rep. Myrick is about 15

Rep. Myrick is about 15 years older than all her official pictures make her look. I was floored when I saw her on TV. She is really old!

This was the part I

This was the part I loved:

"As Mayor, Sue hit the streets, going nose-to-nose with drug dealers, telling them to get the heck out of the neighborhoods."

Ya, get-the-heck outa here you bad man you!


Hadn't seen that gem!