Getting down to the wire

Well folks, the Navy has been carrying forward with its OLF plans like it's in the cat bird seat. And why not? Dole and Burr are all but silent on the issue, and all the other Republican's in North Carolina are too worried about their stock portfolios to give a shit about regular people and family farmers.

So what's in going to take? Any ideas for pushing this over the goal line?

The only thing I know that's in the works is the fact that there will be a resolution in the NC House calling on Congress to stop the Site C OLF. I don't know when that will happen, but when it does, it should pass with flying colors. Sooner would be better than later.

What else? How does one get a meeting with two Senators who obviously don't care a whit about this issue? How does one force their hand to make a public commitment one way or the other? Why aren't the NC mainstream media doing tough interviews with the Senators and calling bullshit on the fact that they're representing Virginia Beach instead of North Carolina?

We need some ideas, people. And we need them now.

Cartoon from today's News and Observer


Wonderful Cartoon

I wish the entire state was shooting at Dole and Burr

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

One New Letter Today

I sent a letter to Time Magazine. Hopefully - hopefully someone will pay attention.

If you pray, please pray. If you don't, send warm fuzzies. (And watch my back for the black helicopters)

Nope. That's two letters. The other was to WRAL to ask them why they haven't interviewed our esteemed Senators.


What's the tally of our NC Congressfolk against the OLF Site C?

That is, who's come out against it?

When are Burr and Dole due to be back in the state? What are their schedules?

Scrutiny Hooligans -

by my count

We have Price, Etheridge, Miller and Butterfield on the right side.

Dont know about Heath, McIntyre, Jones, Watt, and Coble. Nothing out of Sue, Foxx, and McHenry as far as I have seen. Hayes is Hayes.

Have any of the 9 I havent seen stuff from said something?

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

Letter to Shuler

I am a Navy veteran and have just finished reading the U.S. Navy's executive summary on their proposed Outlying Landing Field (OLF) Area C, which is in Washington County, NC.

I have heard from people who have been working against this plan for quite some time, and now I have heard from the Navy.

I must agree with the people who are opposed to this. I hope we can count you among us.

As we do not seem to get any attention on this matter from our Senators, which could possibly stop it with a word or two, it seems the matter will certainly come up in the House as a spending item.

Please, I urge you to de-fund this when it reaches the house floor.

Thank you.

Well Mrs. Dole

sent a rep to Perquimans County from 2pm to 3pm Feb 27 to chat with us. I regret that I could not get off work to chat with her rep. Being single, I could not send someone to speak on my behalf about this no olf.

But if you cannot get an audieance with her, its a dead issue to talk with her reps.

At a NO OLF social that had a rep from Mrs. Doles office, the rep was not prepared or allowed(?) to make any comments or commitments on behalf of mrs. dole. Even thou I gave the rep my name, and pleaded with her to have Mrs. dole state what her stand is with regard to this second OLF being built anywhere in North Carolina.

So the only thing I can suggest is to find when (if) she ever is at her office in North Carolina and just walk in to her office, and patiently wait, with reporter in tow, to discuss this thing. Short of that, would need to go to dc to do the same thing. Whats the chance of anyone getting into her office from NC when her staff knows the person is going to ask her about the OLF and why is she selling us out.

But if you do get to her, some questions that need to be asked:


Why would anyone support spending any money on a second OLF that the supporting documentation has stated that the fields of Oceana, Fentress and Cherry Point can keep the profiecencies of Navy pilots up? In other words, the DSEIS, FEIS and supporting documentations have said that this second OLF is not needed.

How will this second OLF fix the encroachment issues around Fentress and Oceana if this thing is built?

Why is the Navy stating the AICUZ program is the basis for removing properties from people in North Carolina but not in Virginia? Why is the Navy allowed to change their interperutation of this instruction?

The AICUZ program has stated that ultimate control over land use and development in the vicinity of military facilities is the responsibility of local governments. However, the Navy encourages localities under its AICUZ program to adopt programs, policies, and requlations that promote compatabile development where appropriate and feasible near Naval air facilities. The Navy will continue to promote compatible development near its air facilities.
Why is the Navy stating that housing around the proposed, not yet a Naval air facility, must go, and will buy or eminent domain these lands in North Carolina but the Navy has agreed to "ease-up" on their requirements in Virginia around Oceana for future development in high-noise areas?

Why is the Navy going against its own AICUZ program by not granting ultimate control over land use and development to the local governments of North Carolina? They have granted this control to the people of Virginia Beach and Jacksonville, why dont we get the same control?

How many acres of land has the Navy eminent domained around Oceana/Fentress since 2000 as a direct result of the introduction of the F/A-18 EF to the East Coast? Of the nearly 2000 acres already under Navy control in Washington County, how many of those acres where taken by emenint domain?

How many acres in direct support of this second OLF have been bought or eminent domained at the other 4 sites?

How can the Navy claim that there is not a safety of flight issue to its pilots when half of all the flights in direct support of this DSEIS was aborted due to unsafe conditions as a result of birds? Based on Navy logic, 50% of all operations at this second OLF site are unsafe regardless of where built.

Why is the Navy presenting to us reports that where allowed to be performed with only half the flights scheduled and this is glossed over by these same reports? Half the scheduled scientific data could not be collected due to the exact reason the study was being performed, yet that fact was not factored into the report or the DSEIS. This report is being utilized by the Navy as part of its facts and to supstantiate the statement that the bird strike problem is managable. How many times will they send the pilot out to this second OLF for it to be aborted? That is not operational flexibility, but an operational nightmare.

With Mrs. Francine Blend, Project Manager and Mr. Dan Cecchini, ASST, program manager performing parts of the actual data collection and observation, they have caused a conflict of intrest within these studies as they have possibly biased the data to support the decision of the FEIS. Why is any report that Mrs. Blend and Mr. Cecchini been a data collector allowed to be utilized for justifying this OLF?

The Navy paid Ecology and Environment, Inc (E&E) to perform this study, and part of that is to ensure enough observers where on site to perform the study based on the limited availability of planes and to minimize the noise impact to the people and habitat of Washington County. Mrs. Blend and or Mr. Cecchini should have aborted these flights vice reducing the effectiveness of this data collection event by allowing the experiments to continue.
These two individuals should have been QA or observers, but not part of the actual data collection, and then later allowed to validate and review this same data for accuracy and inconsistancies. These two people where more interested in getting the study done regardless of poor effectiveness vice insuring a scientific study was performed. These two individuals are not trained wildlife observers. Document is Summary of Waterfowl Noise Response Evalutions. Also, on 3 diffrent days, not enough observers where available to make two-man teams, thus data was collected, but time stamps where not causing many alert and flush observations not to be counted because all the data for the event was not collected properly. Also, numerious data teams where made up of only NFECA members who also are not trained wildlife observers. By the vary nature of a scientific definitions, this report is wanting and the validity of the data and subsiquently the reported outcome is in question. Why is this study being presented to us?

Based on this report, how can we trust that the Navy has not performed other arm bending and less then scientific studies, or made improper assestments based on what they want the report to say, vice what the report is actually saying?

If I would be gurenteed an

audiance with the "exalted one" I would, but our empiress has proven to many times that she can not be bothered by her minions.

We of North Carolina are not worthy to even grovel at her feet. To bad I was not living still in DC, then I would have a chance to hob-nob with the snob.

However, this minion will not vote for this waste of human flesh in 08. And that she can take to the bank.

Thanky screwy for the comments, and others that are reading this and writing to the exalted one as well as that other impotent person supposidly representing us.

Walter Jones...

where are you? The NC GOP delegation will take your lead.

You of all people should be standing up to this military dictatorship and protecting our state. We have all heard you speak about the morales of DC. Take the high road and be a hero.

I sure hope he's listening

I heard a rumor though, that he's already made up his mind and isn't going to put his foot down. He KNOWS it would be better to stay away from Site C. The blood of dead pilots will be on his hands.

Someone Who Refuses

to put his foot down against the side of tyranny -

deserves to lose a foot bitten off at the ankle.

This is out of hand

The more I read about the state of the OLF, the more I feel its has gotten out of control. Is there no one standing up fof NC in Washington? I mean everyday it just sounds like the opposition to OLF is just going to get railroaded as crazy activists, and the military as the defacto owner of all land they want.


Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.


shocks me.

How can the Navy claim that there is not a safety of flight issue to its pilots when half of all the flights in direct support of this DSEIS was aborted due to unsafe conditions as a result of birds?

Seriously?? How the heck are they going to get a half decent landing field to practice on if they can't use it half the time? Most folks would call that a pretty half-assed plan. No doubt this kind of half-assed planning is part of the reason the Pentagon discretionary budget is more than all other discretionary spending put together. They waste money. Period. They just throw it around and spend it like it grows on trees. Bastards.

"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum Then they charged the people a dollar 'n a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

Hot dang

people do read my novelettes! Thanks all, does my heart good! Now if only burr, dole and the rest of NC elected officals are reading this and asking questions.

I do use facts to support my statements, but tossing them facts (by page and vol)around reduces the effectiveness of what im saying because it just became even more cumbersome to read.

yea, I got my statistical and document training from the Navy. I was hated by the folks at various defense contractors cause I was so anal when reading their proposals.

Hope that training pays off with this NO OLF!

Are you kidding!

You're building a following of people who really are excited with what you're writing. I got an email from a person in New York tonight who just loves seeing all you NO OLFers kicking butt and raising hell.

Good on ya!

by chance

did that emailer also send a request to their federal elected officials to dissaprove a plan that could potentially emient domain 28,000 acres of land for something that by the Navys own description is not needed nor will fix the encroachment problems surrounding Oceana and Fentress?

Failure to stop this OLF will enable eminent domain by the government on a large scale anywhere in the nation for a "highly desired" project. there is need, want, highly desired, just plain waste. Really, this project is a just plain waste priority.

That cartoon...

Nearly made me spit my drink on my computer screen I was laughing so hard. I *love* it! Ol' Lizzy Dole should've made arrangements to come visit the NWLR while the birds were heavily abound. Maybe then she might would have a clue?

She's probably never seen such a beautiful place as proposed Site C.


She, and the rest of the soul-less GOPers

have no concept of beauty, at least not in its natural state.

They only see unused land which could be put to making profits.

you mean

like all that land she owns out in kansas?

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