Why I'm not Writing

It's crunch time ladies and gentlemen. I am having to take some time to get this house packed, painted and cleaned so we can list it sooner rather than later. I figure the earlier I get it finished the more likely it is I won't be dealing with this closer to May 2 and November 7.

The really good news is I think we found a house plan that is just right. We are now looking for a builder. If anyone knows builders who will work in Lincoln County please pass along their names.

I wouldn't normally have written a diary about this, but I just wanted you to know where I am and why I'm not consistently posting here.


You are missed

But I'm sure we all understand. Life. Man. What a bummer.

packing's not so bad

it's the cleaning and painting that seems to be a nuisance. i moved twice in 04 and my knees have never been the same . . . The kitties have finally recovered. And I did dump a lot of stuff I wasn't using . . .