Worst presidents list anyone?

Via Ex, feel free to jump into this round of Worst.President.Ever.

Feels a little odd to be taking my cues from USA Today (via Atrios at least), but for his Presidents Day editorial/blog post Big Al says he was wrong to criticize Hillary Clinton for calling Bush among the worst and he now puts the prez atop the worst-ever list:

I was wrong. This is my mea culpa. Not only has Bush cracked that list, but he is planted firmly at the top.

The responses to the edit/post are interesting, too--especially the one about this just being Bush's third quarter and needing to play out the rest of the two years before the place-in-history thing can be assessed. OK, I'll run with that. How about early in the fourth quarter, he's down 60-6 and he keeps giving the ball to Crazy Legs Cheney?
Al also mentions Andrew Jackson, James Buchanan, Ulysses Grant, Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon as his top worst prior to the new Bush worsening of the office.
Any thoughts on your top five rotten execs?



I do not know about Jackson being on the list. He did some bad things (eg treatment of native americans) but did good things also like reinvigoratign demcracy. Judging by our standards of conduct today he probably fails, bu judging from the context of his time, his presidency is probably a success.

I think there is a general question of what the parameters of the exercise will be.

Nonetheless, Nixon, Hoover, and GW Bush need to be on any list.

he gets my vote

Jackson's a complicated choice and I was wondering how that would play around Waxhaw, but I gotta put the Trail of Tears high up on the list of presidential crimes.

There's only one worst

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Bush is the worst and everything else is just fall-out.

George Bush: Finally the best at something - being the worst.


People are trying to put LBJ on the list, and he would probably be there for "his" war follies, had he not been so good on moral issues. The problem with Bush is that he is losing on moral issues AND the war he started.

Where are the candidates?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


The problem with Bush is that he is losing on moral issues AND the war he started.

Plus, I think he done broke the government. Not to mention staffing it with the lootin'ist bunch of cronies since Harding.

didnt you hear

We have lost the war on poverty so he failed.

I wonder why Reagan doesnt get the same credit for losing the war on drugs. Separate from that I think Reagan has to be on the list. The man practically invented homelessness.

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"Keep the Faith"

And, sadly,

He mentally checked out those last couple of years, so the minions wreaked havoc. Just like the entire 6 years of Dubya, since he never checked in in the first place.

War is over if you want it.

The Horrors of the White House

I will leave W off my list for the time being, but he will be at the top when he officially leaves. I've got Nixon, Buchanan, Pierce, Hoover, and Harding.

I find both Jackson and LBJ as interesting studies in contracts: men who managed to both lead our country in progressive ways that are still beneficial and yet men who made horrible decisions that we still have not fully paid off. I feel somewhat that way about NC's own Polk.

How about a thread on the best five?

Cleveland's deal

was that he believed the President's role was that of chief administrator, and that he was not supposed to carry any ideological agenda whatsoever, which he believed should be left to the legislature. The idea stuck around for a couple more decades then died.

Here's my list:

1. Bush-for bankrupting us, failing Katrina relief, failing the Iraq war, ignoring global warming, appointing reactionary judges, and increasing economic disparity.

2. Jackson-for indian removal (including undermining the judicial branch) and destroying the nation's banking system.

3. Reagan-for setting the precedents of building up massive amounts of debt and deregulating

4. Harding-even his own wife correctly predicted he'd be a bad president.

5. Grant-look up Grantism in the dictionary.


throw him in there somewhere.

1. Bush # 43 - he gives me

1. Bush # 43 - he gives me depression

2. Harding - big time crook

3. Taft - lazy and all he really wanted was to be chief justice

4. Nixon - although he did begin affirmative action

5. Hoover - that great depression

#1 Bush 43

for all the obvious reasons.

Reagan - Godfather of the national debt.

Jackson - for the indian removal.

Hoover - the great depression

Nixon, Buchanan, Harding - toss-up.