McHenry: "blown away" to be named House's next Tom Delay

North Carolina's own freshman congressidiot Patrick McHenry (R-11) was mentioned today in the Washington Times as one of three candidates for the dubious position as the "House's next Tom Delay."

"I'm blown away ... I'm so excited that Tom DeLay would say that about me"

Does that mean he's planning to redistrict North Carolina illegally, cheat Native Americans out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, illegally redirect campaign funds, reverse any and all kinds of (small d) democratic reforms, block much-needed ethics investigations, live and travel like a King while presenting himself as a "common man," bullying fellow Republicans into voting against their consciences time after time after time and what else?

You'll have to help me out here. I'm sure there's more I've missed.

And does McHenry truly think this will help his reelection campaign or is he just too arrogant to care?


He doesn't care

That's all there is to it. I simply can't imagine anyone being flattered at being called the next Tom DeLay. Of course, once we take back the House it will be a real pisser being the Tom DeLay of the minority party.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Moving on up to Tom?

I simply can't imagine anyone being flattered at being called the next Tom DeLay * SD

It appears that the boy wonder has a intense desire to
be the next brokeback mountain repub in the slammer with
his mentor. I hope he understands that gray dye he uses
on his hair is not allowed in the slammer to make him
appear as a grown adult like Michael Jackson.

do you have a good source

on the hair dye? I never even thought of that, but it's a good one.