Nine months . . . and counting

Nine months is not a very long time. Three quarters of a year. The length of an average human pregnancy. The amount of time between now and the general elections this fall.

In case you've been hiding in Bush's bubble, the future of our democracy hinges on these elections. If we do not elect a majority of Democrats in at least one house of Congress, we will have no power to stem the riptide of Republican corruption that is eroding our common ground. Without a majority in one house of Congress, we will not have subpoena power. And without subpoena power, the rightwing juggernaut will continue unabated.

We need to get our shit together . . . and we need to do it fast. And unfortunately, I don't see anyone stepping up to herd our cats.

Which means it's up to us. We the people. Right here at Blue NC.

Here's the plan:

We intend to initiate a mini grassroots campaign during each of the next nine months here in North Carolina. Each campaign will consist of some or all of the following action elements:

o Letters to the editor
o Op-ed pieces
o Blogswarms
o Meet ups
o General strikes
o Civil disobedience
o Petitions and resolutions
o Guerilla marketing
o Freeway blogging
o Rants and reason
o Pool parties
o Whatever

Our goals with every action will be to (1) strengthen and motivate our base, (2) encourage independents and Republicans to "see the light" about the benefits of voting for Democrats and the tragic consequences of the right wing agenda, and (3) build toward record turnout in on November 7th and during the two weeks before November 7th.

Each campaign will kick off on the 7th of each month. Last December 7th,for example, hundreds of people held prayer vigils and personal strikes to remind ourselves about the horrors of war. On January 7th, my family "retired" an old American flag by burning it (according to flag etiquette) in our backyard. We each expressed our hope that the Bush administration would turn away from its reckless course and restore our democracy.

The next opportunity for action will be February 7th.

My recommendation is that we use February to focus on the rule of law, with a tight look at congressional races. To every declared candidate, we must press for an answer to this assertion:

Republicans are turning a blind eye while George Bush breaks the law. If you're an elected official and you're not asking for impeachment, you're complicit in the crime.

This is litmus test time. We must tie Bush around every Republican's neck like a dead chicken.

You're either for impeachment, or you're against the rule of law.


In March, we're thinking about Military Madness . . . a full-court press to raise the voices and profiles of military leaders who deplore Bush's war of agression.

In April, Media Matters. This is our push to remind the media of their responsibilities to honest, complete election coverage.

May? Electronic Voting Month: Know your rights.

June? July? August? September?

October. Crunch time. Take back our country month. Push two-week voting like crazy.


So. Are you in? Can we count on you to help? We can't promise it'll be more fun than being pregnant, but you never know.

Your thoughts?


I like the idea

of pressing candidates to deal with certain questions. Let's use the comments to this post to establish what questions we'd like to see answered by US House candidates and current representatives. What shall we ask?

You're either for the American people

or you are against us. Simple slogans for the Republicans. Remember they don't think in 3 syllable words. I'll help as soon as I can. Great job, A!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.