Great Posts while I was tending to my First House

Hey guys,

I have been working on getting a mortgage for my first house the last couple of days (and getting ready for eaxams). It was great to see all these great posts when I was able to get to my computer today. Keep it up until I get back Monday and can once again dillute the quality of material on this site.


Also, I missed the comments

Also, I may have missed some comments, so if you said anything especially clever, please repeat it.


Congrats on the first house. Hehehe...I'm trying to deal with what will hopefully be the "last" house. Um...I haven't been around much either, so will speak for myself and assure you that I said absolutely NOTHING particularly clever. :)

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SD started the funnies that started all the scatological humor . . . so she is to be much appreciated.

For once I guess it's nice to be told

the work I did was a load of crap. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.