WPTF: NOT in the public interest

RALEIGH -- BlueNC, the new website for progressive action in North Carolina, called today on WPTF-AM in Raleigh to cancel its contract with Rush Limbaugh for his continuing use of racial slurs to prop up his sagging reputation.

"I'm sure the station could care less about blacks," says Anglico, one of the website's regular writers. "It's hard to imagine they have any black listeners at all. But what kind of example are they setting when they allow programming that calls the woman who was raped by Duke lacrosse players a whore?"

According to Media Matters, a national non-profit that tracks media organization . . .

Limbaugh made the comment about a recent incident in Durham, North Carolina, in which an exotic dancer was allegedly raped by three members of the Duke lacrosse team. The incident has invoked further controversy because the victim, an African-American, has alleged that her attackers used racial epithets. Prompted by another caller to apologize for his words, Limbaugh said that he had made the statement because he was "running on fumes today," and called it a "terrible slip of the tongue." But he then added that there are "some inconsistencies" in the case and rephrased his apology, telling the second caller, "I regret that you heard me say it."

"That's rich," says Anglico. "He regrets anyone heard him say what he actually believes. You know what I regret? I regret that a station that was once respected here in our state has such pathetic executive management that would allow this kind of programming. WPTF used to stand for 'We Protect the Family.' Today it stands for hate."

BlueNC is calling for North Carolinians of all political persuasions to reject WPTF's hate-filled programming and challenge the station's right to use public airwaves.

Please contact the station management to express your outrage.


Press Release?

Or fantasy news article?


I don't know who will call the WPTF station management out on something like this -- so it might as well be us.

Is there a lawyer in the crowd who knows about challeging FCC licenses?
Is there a reporter in the crowd who's sick of corporate media getting a pass on this kind of sleaze?

ATTN: Mountain friends

What's the situation with Flush Limbaugh and the Asheville community? Any chance of raising hell out there too?

WWNC is a whackjob

of a radio station. The afternoon guy, Matt Mittan, supports progressives off the air, but on the air? He feels the (supposedly financial) need to air wingnut after wingnut, only telling them their comments are out of line and threatening to cut them off AFTER they've been allowed to slander and spew about the local folks.

And Hendersonville, WHKP, has those listening rooms in at least two restaurants. Or used to, anyway. Haven't been there in a while.