Is Prince Circumcised? (political cartoon)

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I am pretty shocked that the NFL would throw PR to the wind and go after churches for showing the Superbowl. It just boggles the mind. During the game, the NFL played several commercials of NFL players serving the community - I hope it was not court appointed community service, but I digress. You can't promote yourself as a pillar of the community when you are busy suing the community.

If there was ever a way to alienate more viewers from NFL programming, they found it. Maybe if the churches were serving alcohol and they had a Mary Magdalene Stripper Contest, the NFL would not have an issue?

But I find it even more puzzling that so many fundamentalist churches would rollover for the NFL and cancel their Superbowl showings, especially when many of them make a political point of everything. Has the ACLJ (American Center For Law And Justice is Pat Robertson's answer to the ACLU) filed suit? Will they?

I suspect something else is going on. This year we have the new controversy of Prince's guitar and how in silhouette it looks like a phallus. The last time we had a half-time show controversy, it was a Black woman's nipple.

I sense a trend.


I'd heard

that the reason was because the megachurches were charging admission to people to watch the game, which is in violation of copyrights. If they showed it free, it might not even have raised a fuss.

No idea. I don't like American football.

Yup.....charing admission

got them into trouble. It wasn't the actual showing of the super was charging admission.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

And sometimes Half Time

is worth putting up with American Football.

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