Fair Wage Campaign

A number of North Carolina groups are starting a fair wage campaign today. Facing South has a post on these events here:

This week, a coalition of groups including ACORN, the NC Justice Center, and Institute for Southern Studies are launching a new coalition: North Carolinians for Fair Wages. The coalition's immediate goal is to pass an 85 cent increase in the state minimum wage in 2006, which has a very good chance of passing.

Among the events:


North Carolinians for Fair Wages
Show your support for a minimum wage increase by attending the news conference announcing the formation of North Carolinians for Fair Wages.
Wednesday, April 5th at 11 a.m.
At the NC Justice Center
224 S. Dawson St.


Hard Work Deserves Fair Pay
Raleigh ACORN and North Carolinians for Fair Wages will hold a rally to encourage the state Senate to raise the minimum wage in the upcoming short session.
Join Us - Saturday, April 8th at 11 a.m. at the

State Capitol Building, 1 East Edenton St. in Raleigh

I wish these organizations would have given more publicity about this earlier, but for those of you that are free for these events, consider going.



Nice how their post went up one minute after the first event began. I could have skipped Morning Class, gone to Raleigh, and been back in time for Corporate Reorganization.

They also should have used BlueNC

I wanted to put that they should have used BlueNC to publish stuff but did not want to look too self-promoting.

BlueNC should use them

I'll grant they should have gotten the word out a little sooner and perhaps you've already followed the advice below, but that your just now posting on this indicates perhaps you didn't. I got an alert from about this a couple of days ago.

If you were subscribed to the Justice Center's publications ( go here http://www.ncjustice.org/publications/subscribe.php) and contacted staff about your desire to be on their alert list, you could have used them first AND promoted the Minimum wage campaign. Plus, the Justice Center is an indispensable resource for good policy information on budget/tax, consumer, health care, education, immigration and benefits issues. Their staff works tirelessly and often is a major force behind good legislative outcomes in Raleigh.

A central Location

I think this post highlights a problem with the current state of the progressive movement. In order to know about events, people need to be on every listserve of every progressive organization in the state. I have no doubt that the NC Justice center does good work, but so does ACORN, Self-Help, the Nature Conservancy, Neuse River Foundation, etc. And there is no way that I can find the listserve information for all these groups, sign-up, and filter through my inbox for relevant information. These organizations should not place the burden on getting information on their events on individuals. They should be out there promoting their events. I can go on all day about the poor management and marketing of most progressive organizations but that is not the whole point.

The good news is that there is a bunch of progressives that would attend many of these events if known about, and BlueNC offers a way for all of these organizations to freely publicize their event and place it on our calendar for our readers to see.

great issue for dems

Fair wage issues split the Republicans worse than the two big social ones split dems. See the Pew Report on Typologies -- Scroll down to the graphic on raising the minimum wage. http://people-press.org/reports/display.php3?PageID=948

Not only does it split them but it unites democrats and unafilliateds across 6 voter types.