Not Again!

One year from now, Americans will begin to caucus and goto the polls to decide who will be the next President of the United States. The 2008 campaign must to be a spirited debate over the future direction our country will take in both domestic and foreign policy. The eventual winner will decide how to clean up the mess left to them by the current administration.

This weekend, I was disturbed when I heard the news that the Confederate Flag issue is surfacing again in the South Carolina primary campaign of 2008. With the important issues our country is facing, any discussion of such irrelevant matters seems absurd. This issue serves no purpose but to "pander" to constituency groups within the state in hopes of keeping in the shadow the real problems facing all Americans.

The "fiasco" in Iraq is one of many issues the next President will be forced to deal with. I am interested in how our next President will decide what to do with Iraq, national security, health care, Social Security, etc. I beleive most Americans feel the same as I do, and hope the national media and the respective Presidential campaigns can move beyond the cultural issue of whether South Carolinians should have a choice in flying a Confederate flag at their capital.

The American people, and especially the people of South Carolina, deserve to hear from the Presidential candidates their beliefs and plans for the future. Any distractions on issues the next President can do nothing about is a disservice to the voters who will make the crucial decision in the nominating and electoral process.

Let's move beyond such trivial subjects and have a genuine debate over major issues that concern the vast majority of the American public.