Why is Blue NC so full of hate?

I want to know why are the people of Blue NC so full of hate for other people? I posted some thought provoking comments but was met with very negative comments. It seems that anyone that doesn't agree with the "regulars" here is to be rundown. Is this the way a free and open society is suppose to operate? I want some feed back from the inteligent people on the site, not the peanut gallery.


Speaking as an intelligent member of the peanut gallery...

Dexter, not every community is for everyone. You're welcome to stick it out here at BlueNC, but you'll be fighting an uphill battle if you want this group to accept your confederate apologist rap. I read the main thread in which you participated, and I really didn't see any hate, just a forceful rejection of your point of view. If you're going to keep pushing that point of view here, you'll probably need a thicker skin.

Lance, thanks for the reponse

I like to think that I have a pretty thick skin. I just didn't like the name calling and the moderator editing my post, to me that is a sign you are losing the debate. As far as being an apologist for the Confederacy, there is no need to do that. The Confederacy was just trying to keep the government the way that George Washington and the Patriots set it up. But thanks to Lincoln we are going overseas and setting up governments overseas instead of helping our own people. That aside, all I was doing was pointing out how weak Edwards is. I don't know who is best to be president, but I know it isn't Edwards. I really don't see anyone that I like in any party. That is a shame for a country as great as ours.

A Clue For You

When you post diaries with titles like "why is [site x] so full of hate" on site x, you don't have "pretty thick skin."

I'm telling you this in the hopes that you'll re-evaluate this erroneous belief you hold about your dermal fortitude. See, it's possible that you're wrong about stuff. This principle might perhaps possibly extend to some of your other opinions, too. Just saying.

Dex luther, the idea that you were here for an open debate was pretty much demolished in the first thread. I think that translating your comments into redneck is a perfectly fine way to deal with people who are, well, trolls.

at least

there is no one throwing feces.


"Keep the Faith"

Yes, there's always that

Jeez, Blue South, come up in a rough neighborhood? :)


Well the first thing I thought of was to be part of the peanut gallery by throwing peanuts. It was a short jump to monkeys and feces throwing.


"Keep the Faith"

The South Shall RISE again!!!

Damn Lincoln!

Anyway... Dex baby, lighten up. Your confederate idealizing may get the playas hatin', but you can count on the fact that what you're reading isn't hate.

It's open ridicule and rejection. That's not hate. Don't confuse them, you'll wind up looking like a eejit.

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Hi ya Screwy Hoolie

LOL, Thanks for the advise. I will try to lighten up and not look like an "eegit". I mainly deal with the facts and for people to confuse facts with opinion kind of rubs me the wrong way. I just think that Southerners have been the whipping boys for too long. People like Jeff Foxworthy have not helped out alot.

Facts is Facts

But it's fair to say that some folks use only those facts convenient to their arguments. There's lots'n'lots of facts out there.

Here's one:

Hitler was a vegetarian.


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I'm trying to decide

if I'm part of the peanut gallery or a feces throwing monkey, or what.

The Confederacy was just trying to keep the government the way that George Washington and the Patriots set it up.

The beauty of the way the country was set up is that it was set up to evolve and change as society grew and evolved. What worked in 1776 is not necessarily what worked in 1860, and what worked in 1860 is not necessarily what will work in 2007. But our government, our system of laws, checks and balances grows and changes with our society. It's a beautiful thing, really. Painful, sometimes, but growth can be.

As for the Confederacy - I stand by my original thought on that. Treason - taking up arms against the duly elected government of the United States - is a crime, and should not be considered an honorable thing.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

Good point

I can agree with the first part. But as for the second part. The duly elected officals voted for the states to leave the Union (it was legal at the time, that was changed after the war). Maryland would have voted to leave the Union but Lincoln had the duly elected officals jailed before they could vote. He then set up his puppet government to run the state (kind of like Bush is doing today?) Don't forget the USA invaded the CSA not the other way around. So back then it wasn't a crime as it wold be today.

Can anyone explain to me...

why some of my "neighbors" are still debating a so called "cause" that was lost 150 years ago?
As a brand new "American" it never seizes to amaze me why we're still trying to fight a civil war (of words this time).
You lost one century and a half ago, please get over it already.

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Liberal NC

I don't exactly you mean when you say your neighbors are debating a "cause" that was lost 150 years ago. Most people that I know understand that it is over. But, they want the truth told about it.

We are in a brand new "America" one that is very diverse, we should accept that some people have different heritages and you should learn about them. It is called tolerance. Every group weither it is Irish, African, oriental, and yes even Confederate should have a spoke on the wheel of diversity.

It is indeed over and thanks to Lincoln the control has moved further away from the people and closer to fewer and fewer people. King George is perfect example of that. So, if Bush seems to have too much power and the people have too little say in what is going on, you can thank the out come of the War Between the States on that.

The War Between The States Stole My Sammich!


Buddy. Bubbula. Really.

You ought not sit there and try to tell the True Blue that George W. Bush's failed Presidency is a direct result of Abraham Lincoln.

We can thank the outcome of the Civil War for the Emancipation Proclamation. The whole thing was worth it to achieve basic human rights for an enslaved population. This seems obvious to me, and it makes me suspect your commitment to said rights.

I won't extend my liberal diversity-loving to anyone who doesn't get that everyone is equal. Your RahRahRah, General Lee, I Wish I Lived In The Land Of Cotton is tantamount to proclaiming an undying love for slavery and racism.

I know, Dexy, it's the Heritage not the Hate, right? It's just your heritage, so I must be the hater. Maybe checking out some other heritage sites like Stormfront will get you into a community that can truly appreciate your progressive views.

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Screwy Hoolie

I don't think that is Presidency problems are because of Lincoln. I think that it is because he doesn't know how to listen to other people's advice. He has too much power because of Lincoln.

The Emancipation Proclamation didn't free a single slave. Here is a link to a copy of it. http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/featured_documents/emancipation_proclamation/ you may want to acutally read it. It only frees slaves in the Confederate states but not in the Union areas. The 13th Amendment is what acutally freed the slaves. That would be the 2nd attempt at the 13th Amendment the first one that was signed by Lincoln would have Guaranteed slavery forever. This was on the condition that the Southern states would rejoin the Union. But, this was rejected by the Confederate States.

I have no love for racism or slavery, I think that it was a horrible institution. So, did General Lee who after inheriting slaves from his wife's family immediately freed them. Unlike U.S.Grant who refused to free his slaves until the 13th Amendment forced him to.

As for Stormfront, I have not interest in that kind of garbage.



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