Week in Review

Well this week has certainly flown by! With all that there was to see and do, I missed a few things along the way (and maybe some of you did as well). SO, let's see what happened:

Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) had brain surgery due to a congenital defect in his brain, thereby prompting all the talking heads to discuss the implications to the Senate (and nary a peep about him or his family)

Senator Johnson

Michelle Malkinwald has been offered (and has accepted) a trip to Baghdad to see first hand all the wonderful progress that has been made and NOT reported by the main stream stenographers, er, media


First Mannequin Laura irate that the MSS are not giving the Commander-in-Chimp a fair shake in the polls (2 out of 10 approve of his handling of Iraq, who are these dumbfucks?), vows to go on offensive


Man hits deer with 7 legs, BOTH male and female sex organs in driveway, eats it
(OK, two things here, one it was Fon Du Lac WI, NOT NC, and two, even if I were not a vegetarian, I would hazard a guess that something is seriously WRONG with that deer)


SC family court in Columbia returns adopted children to family that starved them (not enough evidence)


And last, yet certainly not least, my sister is coming in from Colorado tomorrow so we can spring a surpirse visit on our parents at the family Christmas party.


Great summary of all the big news

Especially that deer story.


Exciting that the sis is coming in for a big surprise! That should be fun.