A suggustion For Better Use of Death Penality, I Think!

Although Lance,Angelico,Southern Dem and some others already know before I became Disabled my background was in Emergency Services and 7 years in Law Enforcement. Although I had various duties K-9 handiler for one, the other was to run the system based on what the US Marshals Service does and transport prisioners from here in the far west to Central Prison on Western Blvd. in Raleigh & other units.

In all Honesty, I can saw I only met one felon convicted of murder that got the Death Penality that actually came out to admit he deserved it. I have met up with a lot of inmates here & from Fla. who had their convictions overturned and actually have become totaly different people. And they arent pulling a con job.

I have met those who I could feel in my gut they got a raw deal, and those I knew got what they deserved. But take this into account. The average inmate who receives the Death Penalty will spend a average of 20 or more years on Death Row before his/her execution. A life sentence is considered 30 years before parole. This includes all the appeals we the taxpayer pays for. I have thought on this subject for several days now before writeing this to be sure of my convictions.

NO TYPE OF EXECUTION IS HUMANE! With as much death & hurt that Ive seen over the years I honestly do not think I would want to witness one. They said that the Gas Chamber, which we used in NC was more Humane than the Electric Chair. That my friends is pure LIE! BS CRAP! Do you remember what happened in Waco,Tx. several years ago. Well, Let me enlighten you. Each time you watched the tanks punch a hole in the Building they injeceted a deadly dose of cynade gas. See they wee useing what those of us who are veterans know as "CS" gas(Tear Gas) however it was mixed with meythil Chloride to make it into a stronger dusting agent. This produces cynade.

Does anyone understand why they strap you to the seat and doubble strap your head in the chamber? Well, the ME's at Waco's pitcures & video show what it does well. One 8 year old girl's muscles spasamed so much it turned her head completely backwards and bent her legs out of place!

DNA testing should be mandatory within the first 2 hours of crime sceane investigation. And it should be allowed now due to it improvements! I wonder if we were to reverse the positions & put the governors on the row if they would still be against it? To me, and this is because I have had to work 5 cases involveing it and it happened in my stepfamily with their grandaughters. I personally feel that the child molesters are who need to get death! Or possibily even a Rapest! I have studied the Torah ( Old Jewish Law) and it says to send rapest & child molesters straight to the creator. But yet we fill our prisons more & more full of them than we do murderers! I would say child molesters outnumber them 12 to 1. Just my ramblings!



This is rough business . . . and interesting ramblings. Good to see you out and about today.

Clarification on Life Sentences

A life sentence in NC means Life Without the Possibility of Parole. The law was changed in the mid 1990s. Mr. Conner's sentence pre-dated this change in the law, but it should be noted that if the Governor were to give clemency he can commute a death sentence to Life Without the Possibility of Parole if he chooses -- indeed, that is what he did the two times he did grant clemency back in 2001. Moreover, it is certainly within the inherent power of the Governor to order his SBI to re-test the DNA sample in Mr. Conner's case.

Thank you for posting.

Thank you also for clarifying that. I have written my letter to the Governor and sent it on via email to you or another attorney(I think). I know others have also written the Governor. We will keep it up as long as we have to. I pray that it is enough.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thanks for the clairification!

Big ,Tired ,Dumb Me forgot all about the chang in the law. I appericate it being pointed out!

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