Say it Aint so Vern

While Vernon Robison is a difficult man to listen to or even look at, this article claiming that Robinson may be out of politics was disappointing:

"I've been continuously on the campaign trail since 2001. It's getting old," Robinson told The Associated Press. "You never say never, but I don't have any future political plans."

Why you might ask would I want this guy still around. Because he wastes millions of GOP dollars and is so easy to beat:

Robinson, 51, lost Tuesday's congressional bid -- his second try at the U.S. House in as many elections -- by nearly a 2-1 margin to 13th District incumbent Democratic Rep. Brad Miller.


Maybe he's interested in the NCGOP

chairmanship. That's where you go when you're not running for anything again. (Somebody tell that to Blount.) Have VR in that position would be very sweet.

The State GOP will be meeting in a Phone Booth?

That's where you go when you're not running for anything again. (Somebody tell that to Blount.)* A

The "Beast" VR is gone forever, like the National GOP party, which will take centuries to recover. As to Ferrell, he is history. There is only so many places to hid in Pitt county for Gov with his flip wig political Pope machine. I purpose and endorse Neo-Con John Hood to run the Pope puppet Loony party, like he said on NC Spin about endorsments today.

That's a good one, Max.

Hood would last about 2 seconds in the real world. He'd start spouting his cut, cut, cut agenda and all the members of the Party of Greed would go, "Whoa, there Johnny boy. We need some gummint money down here in Podunkville to get us a new four-lane highway to nowhere."

And then his libertarian streak would kick in. He'd tell them to stop worring about queers and pledges of allegiance and they'd throw this schizophrenic butt overboard in a heartbeat.

It would be fun to watch, but who would stage-manage the Puppetshow?

i agree - felt bad for Brad,

i agree - felt bad for Brad, but loved seeing conservatives piss away $2 mil on that loser.