Crashing the Gate Tour

For getting Markos and Jerome to North Carolina (I will explain why this is important below), it looks like May will be the date from this on MyDD:

We are also in the works of adding a more stops in the South in early May. For the east coast leg, we have a lot more cities to add, so if you are anywhere within 8 hours of DC, go at it with helping to organize a tour stop in May.

From my earlier post describing the tour's desire to add dates and associated poll, it appears that most of our readers would like to have a book signing with the possibility of Brad Miller stopping by. I would like us to have a united plan for the tour; since I have not contacted any bookstores or Brad about appearing, please leave suggestions and contact information below. I will contact the bookstores (or coffee shops) and then set up an action plan to get all of us to suggest the same stop.

As for why it is important, both Jerome with MyDD and Markos with Dailykos have been instrumental in developing wide read blog communities on a national scale. Since it is always more difficult to get these things going in Red States, it would be great for them to come give us a boast. Their presence will bring attention to our state, our cause, and this site. Once we get people reading, we can get them thinking about the issues we are discussing. Once we have them discussing, hopefully we can persuade them to fight for integrity, competence, and the common good (and Regional Rail).


Crashing The Gate--Asheville, NC

I spoke about a Crashing The Gate event with Linda Barrett Knopp, manager of Malaprops Bookstore in Asheville, NC shortly after I saw Kos mention Asheville on a tour-related post.

The Malaprops events coordinator appears already to be in touch with the folks at Chelsea Green, although Linda was not certain of the details, if any.

Asheville would be a natural audience for Kos & Jerome, and the Malaprops customer base ... and mailing lists ... should guarantee an excellent turnout.

I also wrote directly to Kos with a date/time query but did not receive a reply. Didn't expect to, frankly, given his torrid pre-tour schedule and all

-James Atkinson


A bit far for me to travel. They have a link at to specifically request appearances.

Crashing The Gate--Asheville, NC

I've just had confirmation straight from Malaprops Bookstore in Asheville that they have booked an event for Crashing the Gate. I'm contacting their events coordinator right this minute to see if I can get date/time/ticket information.

More to follow...

James A.

Yay James...that's great for you guys

I won't be able to make it...unlesssss....Hmmmm My birthday is in May....I'm getting an idea here.........

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CONFIRMED: Crashing The Gate--Asheville, NC

The Asheville Crashing the Gate event will take place:

Ashville, NC
Friday, May 5th, 7:00 p.m.
Malaprops Bookstore

The Crashing the Gate website lists the event as of today (Sunday 3/26/2006), but Malaprops has not yet updated their site.

The Asheville Democracy for America group appears to have been moving with this info even before Malaprops had formally confirmed it, so they appear to have some sort of inside track. Are they hosting Kos & Jerome at a local meeting earlier in the day???

James Atkinson
Asheville, NC

CONFIRMED: Crashing The Gate--Asheville, NC

The good folks at Malaprops Bookstore have confirmed that Kos is doing an event there Friday May 5th at 7pm. No mention of Jerome, so this may be a solo Kos gig.

This will NOT be a ticketed event, so arrive early if at all possible. I think they're going to see more traffic than they anticipate with this event.

Malaprops welcomes linkage to their home page and events page. Go to and follow the "Become an Affiliate" link for additional information.

The direct link to the store's event announcement is here:

Excellent idea to schedule a Drinking Liberally or DFA event around the Malaprops event, if possible. I believe (but have not yet confirmed) that booking and travel for the tour is being handled directly by the publisher, Chelsea Green.

Look forward to seeing everyone.

James Atkinson
Asheville, NC


to the only other city in NC I'd consider living in. Too bad you're so far from the beach.


While it is great that they may come to Asheville, I think we can get a movement for them to come to Raleigh (as well?). So, I need contact information for places in Raleigh.

Bookstores & DL

Quail Ridge; Regulator. We could also schedule a Drinking Liberally around their convenience. That would make a nice contrast to a book signing for them, and give more of a chance for social stuff.

According to MyDD

They went out and drank with people at their prekickoff tour. Buying drinks for all of the "progressive partners" (or people that bought the prerelease.


Do you know any of these people? I e-mailed the Quail Ridge, but I think a personal solicitation may work better.

I haven't been able

to go to Quail Ridge regularly for a long time now, but I can think of a few people in Raleigh who may know someone at the bookstore. But in light of Bob's comment, it sounds like that may not be necessary.

I think they kinda have to make it a book signing

for bidness purposes...other than that I'm sure they'd like to drink with you guys. Just show up at the book store with a loaded cooler.

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