Friday Morning Action Plan

Don't pop the corks yet folks! This is not a done deal. I just got off the phone with Tinathan in the Communications office at the USDA Forest Service. This is still on the table and the comment period is still open until the 30th of March.

WE HAVE NOT WON THIS YET! She urged us to please keep the heat on and get those emails in to them as quickly as we can.

Anyone here think that Charles Taylor's office intentionally put this little bit of misinformation out there? You betcha!

More below the fold

Today's assignment is to write Letters to the Editors to your local newspapers. The Macon County News needs to be flooded with them.

The Take Action section has the contact information you need for the major dailies. I'll get a link to more newspapers in a few minutes. This needs to get out today since our deadline is fast approaching. I will have suggestions added to this diary in a few minutes.

Put the cork back in the bubbly folks. We still need to push this in a very big way.


Just got off phone with Macon County News

I'm working on a scathing diary for Dkos, but anyone else (Screwy???) who wants to take over is welcome to. The title needs to be something like - Rep. Charles Taylor tries to stop the Netroots from saving the National Forests - that should get them reading. We can then add the action plans and outline the work being done here - this will serve two purposes and finally get this issue the attention it deserves.

Jessica - the reporter who wrote the article said that I am right. I will tell you in private what she really said!


Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I wrote the N&O

But others should too. I will not be mad if yours makes it and mine does not.


I added the National Forest tag to this. I just wanted to keep it with all of the other stuff on the forest sale. Let me know of any objections.

I don't object at all

I'll worship the ground you walk on if you start fixing punctuation, spelling and grammar....:)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

How can I help?

Your idea for a diary title is perfect.

Here is the diary at dKos....

DailyKos Diary

Also - I'm enjoying Crashing the Gate a great deal. Those two did a great job on it.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

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