What's going on with the 350 unpolled districts?

I follow this site like a crack addict - electoral-vote.com
A progressive statistician runs the site, but he is fair. He was very accurate in 2004.

Today's analysis of the polls is showing House Dems up by 48 seats with 1 tie, up one in the Senate with a tie there.

If this is what is going on with the districts that ARE being polled, what is going on in the districts where no data has been recorded? Can the national pollS showing extreme GOP discontent be a barometer for ALL districts? Can our canvassing reports of "little support for Foxx" be indicative of the district as a whole?

Is it even remotely possible that Americans finally decided to wake up?

Can that be possible? ON TOP OF GERRYMANDERING?


I have wondered

about those other races as well. How many of those 170 or so "safe" Republicans are really safe??

I would imagine a few shockers.

And, some of those might come at our expense. No party has ever gone through an election without losing a seat, Republicans lost 4 in 94. So, don't be surprised if we lose a shocker somewhere, but in turn win a few black horse races ourselves. Arizona Senate would be nice : )

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