Governor Cooper: State of the State address 2023


There are other versions out there,

with rebuttals by dingbats and analyses by pundits, but I've reached my tolerance level for jerkwads for this week, so...

Two-faced Robinson's response

Probably the most interesting thing to come out of Cooper's address was Robinson's response.

WRAL picked up on the tone, where Robinson tried to appear "normal".

This has been a tactic used by the GOP for decades. When talking to a friendly audience of supporters, they let fly the most bigoted, fascist nonsense that would get them run out of any sane town on a rail. Then, in campaign ads or appearances in the media, try to appear "normal".

This worked for a long time before the Internet and cell phone cameras. Now, the dripping blood red meat they dish out to supporters can be put out in public for all to see.

As Robinson ramps up his run for Governor, expect more this play-acting for the cameras. Hopefully, op researchers will be following him at every public and semi-public event to show that his nutcase side is a basic part of who he is.