It’s now or never

Last week Jane and I donated a full year’s worth of our retirement savings to pro-choice candidates in North Carolina. Specifically to ten individuals in important and winnable races.

The truth is, we’d rather die a year earlier than live out our lives under the Tarheel Taliban.

It’s now or never. Give whatever you can. Do it today.



Sorry to be a nag

I feel strong about this, and I’m not willing to stay silent. It’s time to step up people. Whatever you can do. Do it.

Text copy in case you want to circulate this

Political contributions
How much to give … and to whom?

If we don’t restore democracy in November, we’re screwed for decades to come. Rightwing extremists will cement control over government and a century of progress will be wiped away. Here’s what you can do.

Double your contributions. Whatever you’ve given to candidates in the past, double it. If you’ve never made a political contribution, start now. If you think you can give $10, do $20 instead. If you can give a thousand, make it two.

Give now. It takes time to build momentum. Early money matters. A lot.

Focus on North Carolina. If we’re not the most important battleground state, we’re in the top three. Contribute first to these candidates.

Cheri for US Senate
Cheri Beasley is up against a hard-core Trumper. Give what you can to her. Then give more. A win for Cheri is a win for our entire country.

Five NC Senate races

Must-have seats to uphold Roy Cooper’s vetoes. Sydney Batch Rachel Hunt Marcia Morgan Mary Wills Bode Valerie Jordan Give to each individually.

Two NC Supreme Court seats
Nothing is more important than electing Lucy Inman and Sam Ervin. Give till it hurts, then give some more. If these Democrats don’t win, the GOP will control our court of last resort.

More if you can
These races are important and winnable. For NC House, try to help. Terrence Everitt Amy Block Deloach Christy Clark Diamond Staton-Williams

If it seems we’re asking a lot, we are. With personal freedom on the line, this election
is literally a matter of life and death for women in our state. If we don’t stop this takeover
now, there’s no going back.

From Jane, Janet, Nancy, James, and other good NC Democrats on behalf of 160 million US Women.