North Carolina Democratic Leaders, Stay Focused!

For Democrats to be successful in the 2022 cycle, we can’t get distracted by issues that are far from the priorities of everyday voters. The top consumer complaints from 2021 released by Attorney General Josh Stein are a great example of the guidebook that leaders should follow. No doubt, Stein’s agenda this year will mirror these consumer priorities, and we shouldn’t expect him to get caught up in the distractions of the day – including the anti-tech wave sweeping Congress.

There has never been a more crucial time to buckle down on real, pressing issues. Leaders at all levels of government should be championing the long-held values of our party – improving the lives of working families, bettering our education system, fighting for climate legislation, and securing voting rights for all.

Democrats at all levels of government need to be shoring up their message and advancing tangible policy proposals that deliver for working families, not finding themselves preoccupied with issues like antitrust and anti-technology rhetoric, for example, that mean little to everyday voters.

If we’re going to succeed this year, especially in a state like North Carolina where the races will be challenging, we need to focus on winning messages and issues, and leaving behind needless fights to restrain technology companies that are best left for another day.

Bethany Casias




Well said. Gotta stay focused people.