Tuesday Twitter roundup

It's long past time. Just do it.

If by "government-induced" you mean Trump jacking up tariffs (which American homebuilders have to pay) on lumber and other construction raw materials, then yeah. I'll agree with you there. But not all government is the same, and your ambiguous references reveal more ideology than thought.

Back when that downward curve first started (2008) Bush was more concerned about bailing out the banks than helping public service workers. It's been an uphill battle for NC teachers since then, and will continue to be as long as the NC GOP is clutching the purse strings.

Just in case you're not up on the gossip, Rick Gunn got sued for alienation of affection by the ex-husband of his girlfriend (who worked for him). I'm surprised Gayle would set foot in that place, much less bring sandwich fixins.

Not sure who all will step up to run against Bishop, but I like this guy Ram. And not just because of the name, either, but it is a cool name. I will have to figure out how to pronounce it before I meet him, though...

It's not shared because it's pointless, and offensive as hell. There's nothing "comforting" about a 4%-12.5% fatality rate, unless you're a sociopath.

Apparently Dallas is still reading BlueNC. But is it opposition research or has he finally realized he's been playing for the wrong team? Thanksgiving would go easier on mom if her boys would start agreeing with each other...

On that unlikely note, here's your Onion:

Tee-hee... :)



Bonus Onion:

I'm not sure why that is so funny (maybe because the interpretive dance reference reminds me of the Big Lebowski), but I am still laughing.