Tillis and Forest have the same problem

Each Trump lie is a brush stroke, painting his allies deeper into the corner. For Thom Tillis and Dan Forest, there's no escape.

Over the past four years, these two men have chosen to become Trump Republicans. Instead of standing for the people of North Carolina they've stood with the asshole in the White House. Instead of condemning Trump's dishonesty, they've cheered. And now they're trapped.

This election is turning out to be a distinctly moral contest. It's truth versus lies, decency versus ugliness. It's paying taxes versus freeloading.

I sense the tide shifting in the past few days. Regular people are waking up, disgusted by Trump's behavior in the debate -- and by his tax crimes, especially mortgage fraud. It looks to me like Trump is going down, and that he's pulling Tillis and Forest down with him.

You can help make that happen. Talk to friends and family. Be a proud Democrat.



The dog whistle

Neither Tillis nor Forest has condemned Trump's call to the Proud Boys to stand by. Neither has an ounce of patriotism in their souls.

Make a Biden sign

Put it on your car or in your yard. Or both. Ask others if they saw Trump’s shit show.

Most people want to be decent human beings.


I dunno about "most"....I know "decent" people who support the very worst

I don’t think you can call them decent.

I don’t think you can call them decent.

I know one guy who I used to think was a decent person, but he has voted for Trump twice. I no longer think he is a decent person.

Still waiting

If this election is close, if someone wants a plaintiff, I might consider it.