Letter from the Frontlines: Please Listen to Experts and Wear Your Mask!

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, especially in North Carolina, and I have seen the devastation firsthand. I am a proud nurse with the honor of serving patients in North Carolina. Throughout the past few months, nurses and healthcare providers across the state have been recognized for the work we are doing on the frontlines. I am grateful for the outpouring of love and support I have received personally and from so many who have donated to my hospital.

This recognition is humbling and we continue to care for our patients fighting the coronavirus. Because of my experience, I also know the importance of following the recommendations of researchers and innovative scientists who are working tirelessly to find treatments for COVID-19. North Carolina is home to researchers who are getting closer to a cure every day and their work needs to be celebrated! Even President Trump traveled to North Carolina to see the progress being made in RTP, I am grateful for these innovators and am hopeful we will have treatments and vaccines come out of our home state.

The guidance is clear – we must continue to social distance, wash our hands, and wear a mask. Now is not the time to question whether or not it’s comfortable or fair to follow the rules, it’s the time to protect each other. By trusting in science and innovation and following the rules, we can get through this together. I am thankful for our Governor and other elected officials and candidates, like Cal Cunningham, who value science, research, and innovation.

Please wear your masks – for yourself, your families, your friends, your community, and to protect scientists, researchers, doctors, nurses, and all frontline workers who work around the clock to keep you safe.

Martha Josey
Charlotte, NC




It’s a shame we have to keep repeating this basic, sensible guidance. But it seems we do. Our fellow human beings are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.