Day 36

I'm thinking I might be in favor of re-opening NASCAR, as soon as we can get one tiny little detail locked down.

The state of North Carolina must require NASCAR to guarantee that employees and their families are covered for any COVID-19 (C19) related costs or losses. If a NASCAR security guard gets hospitalized with C19, the owners must pay the full cost of any and all care, with a 300% premium added to cover the cost of hazardous duty and lost wages. If a mechanic on a pit crew dies because of complications arising from C19, his family will get the going rate for the life of a human being, probably something in the $2 million range.

NASCAR would have to find insurers willing to make such agreements for health and life coverage before it could operate.

A contractual agreement is needed to account for all the elements of reward and risk. Citizens of North Carolina should not be in the business of subsidizing NASCAR profits by absorbing the C19 risks associated with their operations. They want to "re-open?" Let them pay the real costs of their decision.

The part I haven't thought through involves employee coercion. NASCAR no doubt has sub-contractors and temporary employees who wouldn't fit easily into this framework.



One part that doesn't make sense

is the inevitable risk to health care workers. I wish they could all go on strike for much higher pay and much better protections.

The disregard of Deplorables for the safety of others is really mind-boggling. Something's gotta give.

The insurance question and more

I'm assuming that each team and NASCAR itself, as business entities, have liability insurance of some kind in case of accidents, lawsuits, and the like.

I doubt that a Covid-19 related death or hospital stay by, say, the family member of a driver, crew member, or camera operator would be covered. They would be purposefully participating in a group activity during a pandemic.

The calls for reopening NASCAR assumes that the drivers and support personnel would actually show up. I imagine that some might be reluctant to participate if they have family members in at-risk groups.

Even with testing every participant, you might find that it's not 100% accurate. If you test before they gather there, that doesn't mean they don't have it and would test positive by the time they got there. If you test just when they arrive, then they may have spread it in many locations as they travelled there.

You'd basically have to a) do testing before they go, b) isolate everyone for 14 days, testing as they shelter in place, and c) test them again before the race.

If you were an insurance company, would you want to cover legal liability for all this? I doubt it.

I agree with everything you said

I agree with everything you said, which is why this needs to be enforced by state government. If you can’t get fire insurance, you can’t open a restaurant. If you can’t get liability insurance, you can’t open a construction company. If you can’t get COVID-19 insurance, you can’t open NASCAR. So simple!